27 Best Brunch in DC for every eater 2023

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best brunch in DC

Are you looking for the best brunch in DC? Lucky for you, we have done the legwork to find the best brunch in DC – testing the most popular places and discoveries. Our guide to the best DC brunches ensures you’ll be able to stay in your comfort zone throughout your day. These combinations include breakfast staples like eggs, waffles, toast, and tasty meats and seafood. From Ambar, Le Diplomat, Due South, Agora, Medium Rare, Boqueria, and more! This article has compiled a list of the best places to have your next brunch.

The best Brunch in Washington, DC?

There are many amazing restaurants in Washington, DC, serving brunch. If you’re visiting Washington, DC, read our DC neighborhood guide.

28 Best Brunch in Washington DC

Due South

The first on our list of best brunch in DC is Due South. This restaurant serves some of the best southern meals around Washington, DC, and some brunches. The hotel is in Navy Yard, where you will enjoy a tasty breakfast and walk along a beautiful riverwalk. Due South offers great biscuits, shrimp, potatoes, hash, grits, and burgers. It’s also good for a vegetarian breakfast. This recipe contains super spicy pulled pork smoked by our own smoker instead of the usual fried eggs-on ham. And they’re served in biscuits! Can I get something better? And in the case of no sales, we’ll add the crisp breakfast potatoes. They’re beyond the ordinary, and our favorite side dish is equally good. South barbecues.


Imperfecto is one of the best brunch in DC. Created by Enrique Limardo, this Washington DC Mediterranean-Latin fusion dining restaurant is located at Seven Reasons. The spicy avocado toast is among the most beautiful versions in the city at $28 apiece. Soft focaccia forms an essential base for a mixture of freshly prepared avocado, grilled octopus, smoked jalapenos, and mayo. Another hit from the a la carte menu is a floral Carpaccio made with Smoked Ora King Salmon with arugula chili oil. Chicken is cooked in a fried chicken rather than chicken fried chicken, and the pancake is topped off with a sweetcorn pancake and guajillo chiles sauce.


Millie’s is one of the best brunch in DC worth visiting. The original Millie’s is situated in Nantucket, Massachusetts. We’re so pleased that it’s opening in Washington, DC. Millie’s has been a great restaurant for years. Millies is a trendy brunch spot for girls with a nautical vibe and great food. Take an outdoor seat and taste the beachside Quesadilla. Lobsters, breakfast burrito, roast tomatoes, and zucchini smothered with Monterey Jack cheese wrapped around crisp tortillas. It’s delicious. What do you think of seafood? It is not just Millies. The kids’ menu has a few different options: Taco Bar, Seafood, and brunch Cocktails like bloody mary and bottomless mimosas.

The Smiths

Smith is conveniently located in two places in the United States. Their brunch is long regarded as a local favorite making it one of the best in DC. Their exquisite food was featured on our list. First, homemade potato chips with blue cheese fondue can’t be beaten. Our favorites are their Johnny benedicts topped with cheddar, grilled shrimp, hollandaise, and crunchy shoestring fries. Their popular burger is loaded with bacon, shallots, crunchy onions, and house pickles. The Smith has many wonderful restaurants, indoors and outdoors, but make reservations since their weekend brunches are highly sought after.

Medium Rare

Medium Rare covers a good portion of the state of Maryland and Washington, DC. Locations include Cleveland Park, Bethesda, and Washington. It is also known for serving good vibes for a cheap and affordable weekend brunch (with beverages included!) and is a fun place to have fun without spending a fortune. The medium rare steak Frites with poached eggs are very good to buy and served with an amazing secret recipe. Steak is the reason they have earned our spot on the Best brunch in DC.


Among the most impressive rooftop brunch in the DC, Hay-Adams wins! The elegant DC rooftop restaurant is located on the 9th floor of the Hay Adams Hotel. It offers breathtaking views of the white house above. Their amazing breakfast buffet is available all days of the week and consists of brunch menus on weekends and evenings. Our otherworld favorites include oatmeal sorbée topped with toasted Georgia pecans, wildberry liqueur, and Brie French toast topped with caramelized ANjou cherries. They have incredibly delicious fresh bread, which we particularly love: cheese scones and chicken hams.

Boqueria-Dupont Circle

The chain of bar tapas delivers a stylish assortment of tapas and farm fresh eggs topped paellas between 11 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday throughout the imposing Penn Quarter restaurant equipped with elegant wooden and lighted tables. Typical options are an “Agricultural Breakfast” with ribeye chorizo and Torrijos and roasted French toast with citrus honey. A bottomless brunch deluxe package contains a stream of sangrias, brunch cocktails, bloody mary and caval for $40 a minute. Similar option offers also exist in one place on Dupont Circle with a front patio at 19th Street NW Washington DC.


When looking for a relaxing family restaurant in Washington, DC, head to Surfers for fresh seafood with a refreshing twist. Surfside is famous for its burritos taco menu and kid-friendly dishes. But the greatest section is the section on tables. Surfside offers street corn queso. Do Not. Those are three points. Street corn is coated in creamy chipotle mayonnaise and covered in cotija cheese. It was a nice touch! So what are they? What do you think? This white cheso is one of my favorite whites, until now. You may be interested in drinking it. Texaco, Caribbean.

The Market Lunch

The Market Lunch is situated in the historic Eastern market building and offers one of the finest breakfasts in Washington, DC. The location is renowned locally and is a must-see attraction. This casual, cash-only breakfast counter is where you wait in line to order (no worries, things change quickly). It’s hard to make a mistake with this place—all the last things on the list are delicious—but we keep the blue-buck pancake on hand! This pancake is incredibly tasty and fluffy with some nutmeg. American, Breakfast & Brunch.

best brunch in dc
27 Best Brunch in DC for every eater 2023 7

Ambar- Capitol Hill

Ambar is one of the best brunch spots in Washington, DC, that everyone must try. Their sister restaurant is also a top Arlington Brunch Location. Capitol Hill residents of the Balkan restaurant underwent a major renovation for the pandemic but did not make a difference with their favorite Bottomless Brunch. $34.99 for a person plus $7.99 – for bottomless mimosas with fresh orange juice and bloody Marys. Popular orders for an hour and a half include potato, hash, egg dishes, avocado toast, fried egg, taters, and beef prosciutto/sauerkraut Benedict. They have been made with topless mangohibisca mimosas and bloody marys and are served on small plates; choose to sit in a covered outdoor dining space or on retractably positioned rooftops on the third floor of the house.

Compass Rose

Compass Rose is one of the best brunch in DC. It Offers a $30 food tour from Mexican to the Middle East. Several of the cheapest Prix fixes are vegetarian and include Georgian chachapur, Greek doughnuts, and Greek shakshuka. Customers also have the option to purchase Spanish patatas bravas or Irish spice packs filled with chicken legs from their online menus. The restaurant built a covered porch to serve guests on T Street Northwest Washington DC, including a dining room area decorated to look like trains.

Hank’s Oyster Bar

At Hank’s Oyster, we always come back to enjoy their seafood brunch. It features local fresh oysters, seasonal fish, and, most importantly, delicious crab cakes. It was the best place for all our breakfasts and brunches, but it certainly delivered as the best brunch spot in Washington. Favorite Metropolitan girl food items are crab cakes, lobster omelets, eggs Benedict, and fried fish sandwiches. Please come if you are looking for the finest seafood in the area and a relaxed environment. $1.50 p.m Seafood, America (new), Tapas/Small Plate.


Succotash is a swoon-worthy southern restaurant and serves some of Washington’s most delicious brunch. If you like South food like ours, it’s hard to pick a favorite dish from their mouth-watering menu. Let’s help. Start off with a jalapeno popper or pecan sticky bun. Bring back fried chicken, eggs benedict, waffles, and lobsters with Old Bay Hollandaise. It’s not a southern brunch without a shrimp grit or grilled pizza. However, no matter what you ordered, you should not miss this delicious fried green tomato salad stuffed with ravioli, radishes, and buttermilk dressing.

Stomping ground

Stomping ground hosts a few Washington dc brunch spots, and its biscuits are also the best. This is about biscuits. It is crumbled and has a slightly sweet taste; it’s light and fluffy. It melts your mouth instantly. The Stomping campground is an informal place in the Delray neighborhood in Alexandria near Washington, DC. Sadly there are no tourists in this place, just people waking up at the local coffee shops. Come and enjoy dinner on our terrace. Enjoy this classic chicken sandwich. It includes fried chicken, pimento cheese, and homemade pickles. Simple but incredible.

Ted’s Bulletin

You’ve stepped into Ted Bulletin, and I know you will enjoy the best brunch spots around Washington, DC. This classic family restaurant provides something that fulfills all your brunch cravings. Better yet, they serve them all day. If you have an appetite, it is good to order the Big Mark breakfast with eggs, bacon, sausages, ham, and avocado toast. The breakfast burritos are enormous, hit the spot, and are perfect for breakfasts – especially for lightweight orders. It’s best to start with a Cinnamon Roll as big as your head for a shared dinner. They also have a second location in Arlington, Va.

Barrel Restaurant

The Southern staple on Capitol Hill was created by chef Walker Hernandez (Union Pub, the Eastern). Two more famous orders are the chicken biscuit fried in honey butter or fontela cheese and chipotle mayo and the shrimp and grit stuffed with Calabrian sausage and piquillo pepper. Wash brunch bites in distilled milk punch, bloody marys with serrano peppers, and a $28 unlimited drinks and bottomless mimosas offer in the mix. Dine out or take out from 10 am until 3 pm Saturdays and 2 pm Saturdays, and 9 pm Sundays for the later brunch.

Duke’s Grocery

The quirky East London pub serves brunch at one of the three locations in Washington, DC (from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 a.m.) and offers indoor dining, outdoor meals, takeouts, and delivery (through DoorDash). The best burger in town has a runny egg and shakshuka and is served with a delicious salmon tartine made with red beets. Reservations for the bustling Dupont Circle area can be made. Weekend brunches are held from Saturday to Sunday, 10 to 4 p.m. at Hyperlocal American restaurant Logan Circle, with ample outdoor seating.

Alas Restaurant

Turkish restaurants Ankara and Ala have recently had their makeover reflecting Levantine style that expands their menus throughout the Eastern Mediterranean. $44 brunch includes all-you-can-eat plates, main, sweets, and drinks, including ten mimosa flavors from the bar. Several attentive servers offer dishes like falafel patties steamed with honey za’atar and fried halloumi with honey pine honey and dukkah, Turki sausage omelets & Manoushe. Most dips can make a decent profit—A unique list of wines worth looking at.

Agora- Washington DC

Agora is a Mediterranean tapas restaurant serving the finest brunch in Washington, DC. Bottomless brunch at $45 per person or a la carte options. Unlimited brunch drinks include bottomless mimosas, bloody mary, and bottomless prosecco. In whatever manner you want to brunch, the spreads at this restaurant can’t be missed. The Baba Ganouj is all delicious; truffle butter, sourdough, brioche French toast, goat cheese, potato hash, deviled eggs, yogurt topped with garlic, and tzaatar is a perfect combination of the flavors. Save room for these desserts. These flavorful and tasty spreads are made with warm housemade pita bread to make dipping easier. The highlight of this dish is the flatbread.


Convivial will be perfect for you if you want a simple brunch. It’s a cute little French bistro with a simple brunch menu where everything tastes great. Is it worth ordering so many delicious homemade pastries? Famous Cinnamon Buns on Instagram. The product arrives warm and soaked in incredibly sweet frosting with soft, gooey edges. A second favorite is a quiche. Rich in leeks Gruyere cheese. Bring on hunger!


Its sour, funky, spicy, and sweet taste combines well with brunch classics. Their pastries are homemade. Egg slaw is accompanied by spicy homemade Chile sambal from chef James Wozniak. A person who has a sweet tooth will probably like to have some of these kays, a sweet mollusk pandan. Char kway teong is another crowd-pleaser and is accompanied by spicy fried rice. Combine all the above ingredients by adding acar (pickles).

Le diplomate

Diners will enjoy a long-distance dinner at Stephen Starrs’s ever-busier brasserie and sidewalk cafe, and Le Diplomate serves breakfast between 9 am and 3 pm. Look for the raw bar menus, beef bourguignon, and popular hamburgers in America. Guests abound at the “Les Oeufs“ section containing seven eggs. Choose the roasted eel omelets, served with prosciutto, french wines, or polenta. Their midday meal menu is also quite as impressive.

Unconventional dining

Brunch will occur at 4 pm every day in this award-winning modern restaurant filled with pop art at Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Chef David Deshaies serves potato shuka sweetened with steamed avocado bread and served with confit egg yolk. The dish is accompanied by Caribbean shrimp with grits served with andouille ham plantains topped with pineapple.

Shilling Canning Company

Brunch at Reid Shilling’s Chesapeake restaurant in Navy Yard is from 11 am until 1 pm each Sunday and Saturday. The $33.50 rotation brunch menu includes egg sandwiches, fried eggs, bacon-stuffed fried chicken, hot honey cake, and coffee ice cream with vanilla. The brunch cocktail menu features bloody Marys and mimosa caramels made using locally grown fruits.

Nina May

This Weekend brunch spot (from 10 am and 5 pm) in these hyperlocal American eateries in Logan Circle has plenty of space for your brunch outing. Choose the chef’s choice ($35 per person) to sample a variety of dishes and then order delivery to Tock to sample a grilled cheese omelet and sausage stuffed with smoked bacon in a tin.


The whimsical bistro in Brookland offers weekend brunch plates with French toast brioche, grilled chicken with ham, quiches, or bacon, and is accompanied by French wine and French-flavored flutes (13 o’clock p.m. – 3 p.m Primrose offers brunch in their dining room indoors or outdoors, with carry out or delivery.

Fiola Mare-Georgetown

Washington, DC, is a diverse and interesting brunch destination. Several brunch choices can be tricky to find. See and hear brunch at the swank Georgetown waterfront Beach House of Fiola Mares. From 11:00 to 2:00 pm at night, expect the classics like lemon ricotta pancakes. A baller three-course option ($95) includes an appetizer, breakfast favorites, dessert, and a hot pastry. The entire menu is available for brunch.

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