16 best Restaurants in Clarendon Va 2023

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best clarendon restaurants

If you’re a foodie looking for the best restaurants in Clarendon, Arlington Va? Well, look no further! From casual eateries to fine dining establishments, and delicious food, this area of Northern Virginia has something for everyone. Read on for a list of some of the best places to eat in and around Clarendon.

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Where to eat and drink: Best Restaurants in Clarendon Va

1. The Liberty Tavern

Starting off the list of best restaurants in Clarendon is Liberty Tavern. At Liberty Tavern you can enjoy classic Wood-Fired Pizzas and more! Tantalize your taste buds with small plates like Deviled Eggs or a Charcuterie Board. Then settle in for entrees such as Seared Scallops or Roast Chicken; sandwiches including Pulled Pork Sliders on their house-made Focaccia Bread are also popular choices. Try the signature Pasta Gnocchi à Carbona featuring Duroc pork sausage, potatoes, and egg – Yum! Stop by during Happy Hour which happens daily between 3 pm to 6 pm for beer, wine & cocktail deals from this unique spot serving delicious dishes cooked right on site. Check out Liberty Tavern Menu.

2. Don Tito

With its delicious Mexican cuisine, semi-casual setting, and unbeatable margaritas, Don Titos is the best restaurant in Clarendon Va. Its menu offers something for even the pickiest eaters – meat lovers can sample their classic tacos while vegetarians will find several creative options as well. Of course, no meal at Don Titos would be complete without a specialty cocktail served with chips and house-made salsa! Whether you’re looking to grab some food on your way home or take your time enjoying an evening out, there’s no better option than eating at Don Titos.

3. Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ

For a truly unforgettable visitor experience, head to Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ in Arlington, Va. This standout amongst the many restaurants in Clarendon is famous for its DIY style of cooking. Customers are allowed to cook their own meals at their tables with the smokeless grills that come with each dish. Gyu-Kaku offers plenty of different types of meats and vegetables on the menu, and even has an extensive sake selection! All prepared food is cooked right at your table by you and your party so you can customize each meal exactly how you want it. The hospitality here is incredible and you won’t find a similarly authentic eatery anywhere else in Clarendon.

4. Lyon Hall

Located on Highland st, Lyon Hall is a restaurant you do not want to miss. It offers a unique French-German fusion cuisine with a generous selection of meats. The best part is their beer menu, which features an incomparable range of craft brews that are sure to please any palette. Their decor fuses classic and modern decor for a truly immersive experience, making it the perfect spot to enjoy a delicious meal with friends. Whether you come for the trendy atmosphere or the signature creations from their talented chefs, Lyon Hall certainly will not disappoint.

5. Smoke craft Modern Barbecue

While it is rarely found in barbecue restaurant smoked dishes, chef Andrew Darnielle’s Modern Barbecue has designed and created a unique menu featuring a wide array of smoked meats, fruits, cheeses, and desserts. Try smoked avocado fried eggs ($11.95) and end the day with roasted walnut brownie pudding ($9.95). The theme also plays on drinks menus and drinks including the well-known Smoke on the Water ($15) cocktail mix of bourbon, spiced honey, and bitters.

6. Pamplona Restaurant

Pamplona Restaurant in Clarendon is spoiling us with delicious tapas. Spanish Tapas has a tasty selection, including tomato ($6) and rice croquettes made in Manchego cheese with mushrooms ($8). They offer an all-you-can-eat experience from $43.95 per guest unlimited small plates, $16.95 ages 7-13 Add $10 per guest for paella addition. If drinking is your thing, then Pamplona’s four basic dishes (pink, white and red, with alternating seasonal flavors) are perfect, starting from $8 per glass or if you’re feeling fancy – $30 per pitcher. It’s the perfect way to top off a night of delicious tapas! Do not forget to check out their bottomless brunch which includes $43.99 all you can eat small plates. It is one of the best Arlington brunch spots and top restaurants in clarendon.

7. Bar Bao Restaurant

If you’re in the mood for something extraordinary, Bar Bao is an unmissable spot located right in Clarendon. An expertly crafted menu full of Asian street fare delights like fried rice balls and kimchi eggrolls awaits foodies looking to try out their taste buds with some delectable goodies. Brunch lovers are sure to enjoy a visit here too! And if you want daring flavors? Don’t wait any longer – dig into the “Ghost Chicken” wings that make this eatery truly special.

8. Buena Vida Clarendon

Conveniently located near the Clarendon Metro Station is Buena Vida. This family-owned Mexican spot offers delicious food like mole Rojo, Pollo Parilla, chiles Rellenos, tamales, and more that can bring a mouth-watering adventure to any night. Not to mention excellent service and a stunning dining room. If you’re in the mood for Mexicana, Buena Vida is certainly one of the best Restaurants in Arlington VA. This Restaurant is Always busy so reservations are recommended. This is also one of the best bottomless brunch locations in Va. For $39.99 you get unlimited brunch or breakfast small plates and dessert.

9. Circa at Clarendon

Step into Circa at Clarendon for an exquisite dining experience like no other! This modern American Cuisine is more than a meal; it’s an elegant exploration of flavor, presentation, and detail. From locally sourced ingredients to passion-driven cooking from the owner himself, each dish you sample creates a unique sensory journey. Where others may just provide food that fills one’s stomach, this restaurant aims to surpass expectations with quality flavors and presentations – leaving you breathless in your wake! Treat yourself to something special today…Circa is definitely one of the best Restaurants in Clarendon.

10. Cava Mezze Clarendon

Cava Mezze is one of Clarendon’s best restaurants where traditional Mezze plates are served with a unique twist. It is also one of the best Arlington bottomless brunch spots. From Greek-style dishes like falafel and hummus to the light and refreshing salad selection, Cava Mezze never fails to impress guests with its unique approach to Mediterranean cuisine. The atmosphere is buzzing yet cozy, so whether you’re out for dinner or just have time for a snack plate, this spot in Clarendon has all the options you could want.

11. Ambar Clarendon

For an unforgettable experience that won’t cost a fortune, visit Ambar Arlington in Va. You’ll be delighted by their expansive selection of Mediterranean all-you-can-eat small plates from croquettes to house-cooked pork sausage slaw. All-you-can-eat small plates lunch at ($35), all you can eat brunch at ($39.99), and dinner ($49 95); there are menus on offer you can choose one or all for the best value deal Clarendon has to provide! Want even more culinary exploration? Their other two locations – Baba below & a Mexican restaurant called Buena Vida is also on this list so don’t forget to check them out too for a unique experience!

12. Green Pig Bistro

Clarendon’s cozy French restaurant serves outstanding comfort dishes such as hand-crafted pasta a Capetillo served with Italian hams ($28), smoked pork shoulder ravioli topped with roasted mushroom, and smoked ham. It is served alongside an entrée, a pasta dish Drinking options include beer, cocktails, and wine selections by glass and bottles.

13. Nam-Viet Restaurant

Nestled within Hudson St Clarendon is Nam-Viet Restaurant. This hidden gem has been in the community since 1986. Boasting a diverse menu ranging from their signature shrimp roll to their specialty soft-shell crab dish introduced just this past June, this Vietnamese restaurant is a favorite among locals. The bar at Nam-Viet also provides an array of delectable concoctions like fruit-infused drinks that are sure to hit all the senses. With its inviting atmosphere and creative menus, it’s no wonder why Nam-Viet Restaurant continues to be one of the best restaurants in Arlington VA!

14. Maison Cheryl

Eating at this restaurant can be a unique and enjoyable experience for anyone who chooses to dine there. The menu is filled with dishes from many different cultures around the world, each one cooked to perfection and bringing authentic flavors that will have your taste buds tingling! The atmosphere is relaxing and inviting, perfect for a cozy dinner or an entertaining night out. Service is excellent, always attentive and helpful throughout your meal. Whether you are looking for something new and exciting or just need a comforting dish, you can’t go wrong by choosing Maison Cheryl.

15. The Pinemoor Restaurant

The Pinemoor is one of Arlington’s newest restaurants which welcomes you to an unforgettable dining experience! Enjoy tender and juicy prime cuts of steak cooked just the way you like it. Their fresh seafood dishes are perfect for lovers of the sea, while our seasonal fare will fill your plate with innovative flavors. And don’t forget about pairing one of their house-made craft cocktails or a glass from their extensive wine selection with your meal – all in a cozy atmosphere that exudes southern hospitality! Be sure to check out their weekend brunch which offers great breakfast specialty and $5 champagne bottles.

16. Northside Social Coffee & Wine

Looking for a spot to grab some great grub and drinks? The neighborhood cafe has you covered! Whether it’s coffee, pastries, cheese plates, or sandwiches – they’ve got an extensive list of delicious eats. They also have an extensive wine list along with beer ciders, seltzers & even $5 mimosas every day. Plus there’s outdoor seating plus plenty of space upstairs should you decide to gather your friends together for a party! Don’t miss out on this local gem near you – Cheers!

What are the best Restaurants in Clarendon?

Liberty Tavern, Don Titos, Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ, Lyon Hall, Smoke craft Modern Barbecue, Cava Mezze, Pamplona, Bar Bao, Buena Vida, Circa, Nam-Viet Restaurant, Maison Cheryl, The Pinemoor and Northside social.


When you’re looking for great dining in Clarendon, Arlington VA has plenty of excellent restaurants to choose from! From delicious Italian eateries to traditional American fare, there’s something to please every palate. Craving seafood? Indulge in freshly caught seafood at one of Arlington’s renowned establishments.

And of course, no trip would be complete without picking up some classic comfort food. Whether it’s southern BBQ or traditional tacos, you can find just what you need right in your own backyard. There’s all that and more waiting to be discovered at the best Clarendon, Arlington VA restaurants!

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