12 Best Makeup Brush Sets on Amazon

by grace ashi
best make up brush sets amazon

Best Makeup Brush Sets on Amazon 2021

Anyone who does their makeup every morning, or before they go out for the evening, understands the frustration of not being able to achieve the perfect flawless base, or a seamlessly blended eyeshadow.

Most of the time, the quality of your artistry depends on your tools. In other words, you need good tools if you want to achieve a good makeup look. However, no-one has the time to try every single brand of makeup brush (or the money to), so it can be risky trying to find the perfect brush from your own experimentation. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best makeup brush sets on Amazon, so you don’t have to.

12 Top  Makeup Brush Sets on Amazon to Try

Real Techniques Makeup Brush Set with 2 Sponge Blenders

The first set on our list is from Real Techniques, a drugstore favourite when it comes to makeup tools. Despite their drugstore presence, they’re not always the absolute cheapest of brushes, but you can always rely on good quality. This blending set, including four brushes and two of their famous beauty sponges, comes it under $20, so it’s good value for money.

Niré Beauty 15 Piece Award Winning Professional Makeup Brush Set

Niré Beauty 15 Piece Award Winning Professional Makeup Brush Set – $49.99

An Amazon brand, this professional quality brush set comes with a slightly higher price tag, which is an initial indication of its high quality. This is confirmed by the thousands of reviews from satisfied customers, who recommend the set for standing out against other Amazon brands in terms of quality and price. While $50 may seem a little pricey, it’s not bad for 15 brushes.

ZOEVA Pure Synthetic Natural Complete Makeup Brush Set, Vol. 1 in Rose Gold

ZOEVA Pure Synthetic Natural Complete Makeup Brush Set, Vol. 1 in Rose Gold – $150

Back to some of our existing favourite brands, ZOEVA have grown their business over the last few years, offering some impressive makeup brushes with amazing quality at a more affordable price tag than some of their competitors.

This set has a mix of face and eye brushes, coming in at $150 for a complete set made from both natural and synthetic hair.

Morphe Brush Set Collection Vacay Mode with Tubby Storage Case

Morphe Brush Set Collection Vacay Mode with Tubby Storage Case – $66.78 $59.80

If you’re looking for some of the most loved, cherished and influencer-favorited brushes that have ever existed, you’re probably looking at Morphe brushes. With this brand, there’s never disappointment in a single one of their brushes, and quality is guaranteed for a low price. Take this set, for example, which has all the basics you’d need to travel.

NEVSETPO Makeup Brush Set 24pcs Professional Quality

NEVSETPO Makeup Brush Set 24pcs Professional Quality – $15.95

If you like your brushes to have a more neutral, beige appearance, these brushes are probably already winning you over for their colour. As well as this, they’re made from high-quality synthetic hairs which are completely cruelty-free. It’s an entire 24-piece set and, while they may not be as good as some high-end products for professional MUAs, they’re ideal for anyone starting out.

Sigma Beauty X BeautyyBird The Dream Eye Brush Set

Sigma Beauty X BeautyyBird The Dream Eye Brush Set – $162

With a reputation for being a little on the expensive side, Sigma Beauty also uphold their reputation for some of the softest, most blendable and gentlest brushes you’ll ever feel. Not only is the copper and marble combination on point, but the brushes will help you to create an eye look that’s perfection, thanks to the variety of all 12 brushes.

Jessup Makeup Brushes Set Premium 21pcs

Jessup Makeup Brushes Set Premium 21pcs – $28.95

Sometimes, simplicity is the key, and that’s why this makeup brush set is all-black, with dark brown bristles, giving it a sleek, modern look that’ll suit any dressing table it’s placed on. This 21-piece set is a terrific choice for beginners, as it’s got every brush a beginner may require, and it’s even got a spoolie. What more could you want?!

Yoseng Makeup Brushes Set 10pcs Professional Oval Brushes

Yu may have seen these toothbrush-like makeup blending brushes before, as they were very popular at one point, when people first discovered how useful they were for blending. If you have any liquid of cream products that tend to be a little tough to budge, these oval brushes can get them for you. They’re perfect for contouring, and this set contains ten different sized brushes to fit every space.

ZOEVA Complete Eye Makeup Brush Set

Another set from ZOEVA, a brand we mentioned earlier, this set is just the eye brushes, and it’s a kit full of all the eye brushes you could ever need. As described, it is a complete eye brush set, with brushes ranging from eyeliner to crease brushes, and everything in between. And it comes with a handy pouch to store them all in when travelling.

MODA Face Perfecting Full Size 4pcs Oval Makeup Brush Set

Amazon – $24.99 $10.75

Another oval face brush pack, this is slightly smaller, and it’s good for anyone interested in trying this style of brushes out, without taking up lots of space in their makeup bag. Instead of ten, it has four different brushes varying in size, one of which is very small in order to get into any small spaces you may need to blend from.

Docolor Makeup Brushes 10pcs Premium Synthetic Brush Set, Neon Green

Who doesn’t love a little bit of neon green? If fun colours tend to influence lots of your choices over different products, this makeup brush set has probably already won your vote. The vibrant green hue is electric, and it’s enough to keep you entertained as you apply your face makeup using the big fluffy bristles.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Beauty Sponge Makeup Blender, Set of 4

Finally, although this final product isn’t exactly a makeup brush set as such, it’s still an important tool for your kit, and it’s worth taking note of. These beauty sponges are some of the best sponges in the industry, and they make blending a breeze. At $10 for four of them, you can’t eve

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