16 Best Travel Planner Apps for planning a trip in 2023

Simplify your travel plans and with the best trip planning app for travelers.

by grace ashi

Best Travel planner apps to plan a trip easily

Looking for the best travel planner app to plan a trip but don’t know where to start? With so many options out there, choosing the right trip planner app can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve taken the guesswork out of it and have gathered up the very best available apps to make your vacation planning smoother than ever!

From budgeting and organizing your itinerary, to booking flights and finding locally recommended attractions, we’ve found the perfect trip planner app for any traveler.

What is a travel planner app and how do they work?

Trip planning apps or travel planner apps are great tools for travelers to use to make their trips easier, stress-free, and more organized. These handy applications allow users to create overall trip plans, detailed itineraries, and search for activities during the excursion. From finding the best flight prices, or hotel deals to discovering points of interest in a destination city or country, tripping planner apps provide a variety of services for travelers. You can also use these apps to plan a road.

Nowadays, most travel planner apps also have features that make trip plans automatically sync with your social networks and offer access to other travelers’ experiences with different locations around the world. They can even provide historical information about any place you may be visiting! Below we will go over some of the best trip planner apps.

What is the best travel planner app?

1. Google Trips – great for planning a trip from start to finish

When planning a trip, Google Trips is one of the best trip-planning apps available. It can help you stay organized by giving you access to all your reservation and travel information in one place so it’s easy to find what you need.

You can plan your whole trip from start to finish with activities and guided tours personalized for you and choose from suggested itineraries curated by local experts. Since all of your details are in one spot, you don’t have to worry about lugging around printed documents or paper tickets – just open up the app when needed and go!

2. TripIt – helps you organize all your plans in one place

TripIt is one of the best trip planner apps available for those looking to make their travel plans a breeze. This app lets you organize all of your travel plans in one convenient place, including reservations, trip itinerary, and essential documents like passports or confirmation pages.

It will help you plan your entire trip. It even has features to help make your trips go more smoothly by giving you access to flight statuses, train timetables and more. You can easily check up on your travel details at any time or even share them with friends and family! With TripIt, organizing your trips has become simpler than ever before.

3. Trip advisor – find great hotels, restaurants, and things to do near you

Planning your next trip can be made much simpler with Trip advisor – the best travel planner app. It reveals the top rated hotels, restaurants and attractions near you, so that no matter what kind of travel adventure you seek, Trip advisor will help you find it all.

With this powerful, intuitive trip planning app, you know all the best spots to stay and dine anywhere in the world. Plus with things to do conveniently collected in one place, a whole world of exploration awaits. Whatever your plans are – business or leisure – let Trip advisor be your go-to travel companion!

3. Kayak – compare prices on flights and hotels easily

Planning a trip can often be incredibly stressful, but with apps like Kayak, the experience is much more straightforward. With Kayak’s user-friendly interface, it’s easy to compare flights and hotels so you can always get the best deal.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere within your budget or fancy splurging on something special, Kayak makes it effortless to plan out your trip.

It’s quickly become one of the best trip planner apps out there, allowing travelers of all kinds to swiftly find their perfect holiday destinations while getting great deals in the process.

4. Skyscanner – search hundreds of airlines for the best deals

Skyscanner is an ideal trip planner app for anyone looking for the best flight deals. This convenient app allows you to explore hundreds of airlines and find the perfect itinerary for your next adventure.

Whether you’re planning a simple weekend getaway or a lengthy global journey, Skyscanner can help make it easier than ever to organize your detailed itinerary, car rentals and search for flights that meet your budget and preferences.

All you have to do is enter your destination, dates, and other details, and in seconds you’ll be presented with countless options. So take advantage of this easy-to-use travel planner today, and make booking your next vacation as stress-free as possible.

5. Hopper – get notified when it’s the best time to book a flight

If you’re planning a trip and want to find the best possible deal on a flight, Hopper is the perfect travel planner app for you.

As one of the best trip planner apps available, its features are particularly useful when it comes to finding the right deals.

Hopper notifies users when it’s the best time to book a flight so that they can get their desired results from their trip planning.

With options to track price changes and suggest cheaper alternatives, this travel app will enable you to track expenses, to book smarter and save more money for your dream vacation.

6. Wanderlog Trip planner app – Trip Planning Made Easier

Wanderlog travel planner app is one the best available travel itinerary apps. This popular travel planner app offers travelers an easy and user-friendly way to organize their vacation plans.

With Wanderlog Trip, you can keep track of flights rental car, and accommodation, create itineraries for your trip plan for each day of your trip plans offline on your journey.

you can also track of travel expenses and make notes about activities or other important trip details – all in one convenient location. It also has a built-in currency converter to help you stay on top of costs while abroad.

Wander Log integrates with popular travel websites like Expedia and Kayak to make sure you get the best available prices on flights, hotels and more.

Planning a trip with friends? Make it easy with this helpful app! Invite your tripmates by sharing a link to the itinerary or simply add their email address. It’s like Google Docs but for travel planning, allowing everyone to collaborate in real-time.

Set permissions to let people edit or just view your plans, and stay organized by accessing flights, hotels and attractions all in one app.

Import flight and hotel confirmations directly into your itinerary by forwarding emails, or save time by simply connecting your Gmail account. With features like these, Wander Log Trip App can make any trip easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

5. Pack Point Travel app – Makes packing an easy task

With more and more people venturing around the world, many travelers have quickly realized this also entails a level of planning and organization before departing. One app, Pack point, can make pre-trip packing a breeze.

By utilizing a user’s destination and length of stay, Pack point formulates personalized packing suggestions that include all necessary items for the upcoming journey.

And on top of these suggestions, the app also grants access to weather forecasts at the vacation spot while furnishing an editable checklist so there is no chance of leaving something behind.

With Pack point taking care of details such as what type of attire works best in certain locations, travelers can focus more on the adventure aspect versus stressing about what should be brought along.

So what are you waiting for? Make use of one of the most popular travel planning apps and start packing!

6. The Freeform Travel planning app – Get Inspired to Travel

Whether it’s a dream vacation in the Caribbean or a spur-of-the moment camping trip in the woods, it can be tricky to find the perfect place to travel. With The Freeform app, you’ll never be stuck for ideas again.

This intuitive, easy-to-use travel planning app connects users with relevant travel experts and unique destinations around the world.

Let yourself be inspired by user ratings, vibrant photo galleries and engaging videos that cater specifically to your needs.

Plan a fantastic vacation without all the effort—and take advantage of exclusive discounts when you book through The Freeform!

7. Roadtrippers – Best Road trip planning app

Roadtrippers is an app created to change the way you plan your road trips. It is designed to be a comprehensive and user-friendly road that takes the hassle out of planning your next road trip.

Quickly find the best road trips across the country, and customize any trip with drag-and-drop tools. You can easily see all attractions located along any route, including historic sites, roadside oddities, eateries, lodging, local culture and more.

Each browsable layer is interactive, so you can easily view what attractions are located near each other or plot multiple stops for your excursions. With Roadtrippers you can start planning custom road trips today!

8. Road trip Planner App

Exploring the open road just got better with Road Trip App! It’s the perfect travel companion for anyone planning a road trip – whether you’re going on an a cross-country adventure or just want to get away for the weekend.

This app offers detailed features, user-friendly visuals and turn-by-turn navigation to help plan trips quickly and easily. You can plot destinations on maps to get an overview of your journey.

Create multiple stops along the way, find scenic spots, attractions and other points of interest, and share your route with friends and family—all in one place! Road Trip Planner is one of the best trip planning apps for road a trip

9. Roadie Road trip and RV

. Roadie is the best trip planner app out there to help make your road trip tri[ adventure. It makes route and group travel planning simpler, faster and more interactive than ever before.

With reliable online and offline maps both, the ability to save points of interests in an organized list, and a search function for tourist attractions such, hiking trails and national parks. This app ensures that all of your needs for the perfect road trip are taken care of. Start your engines and hit the open road with confidence knowing you have Roadie on board guiding you through your epic journey!

10. Hotel Tonight – Last Minute Hotel Deals

Planning for a trip can be stressful – there are so many different elements to juggle and keep track of! But with Hotel Tonight, the task just got a lot easier. This app is designed to make last minute hotel deals more accessible and convenient than ever before.

With its fast booking process and seamless integration into your travel itinerary, you can book quality accommodation up to seven days in advance as well as score exclusive discounts. So stop stressing about where you’re going to stay on your next getaway and let Hotel Tonight take care of it for you!

11. Polarsteps – Keep Track of Your Journeys

Polarsteps is a trip planning app that lets you easily stay organized and on-track while travelling around the world. Whether you’re on a road trip or visiting multiple countries, this app provides the perfect platform to document and keep track of your journey.

Allowing you to share your experiences with friends and family along the way. It allows you to create interactive maps, share photos, plan trips and even calculate the distance traveled. With Polar Steps, every step is just a little bit easier, making it one of the best travel planning apps available today.

12. Rome2 Rio – Best Trip planner app for Complex Trips

Rome 2 Rio is a trip planning that helps managing all the moving parts of an upcoming trip plan anywhere in the world. Tour any destination around the world or cities in the united states. Not only can Rome2Rio provide the best route options for whatever mode of transportation. – buses, trains, flights, driving – but they also give you an exact cost estimation.

By knowing your cost, there are no surprises at checkout time. In addition to calculating your route, Rome2Rio gives detailed information about each stage of your trip duration of your journey and even reviews from other users who have taken the same trip, so you know exactly what to expect. It is great to plan an international trips. When I visited London, Paris, Amsterdam; it made it easy to plan my multi city European Trip. Start planning with confidence knowing that Rome2Rio has you covered and ready for your next adventure!

13. SYGIC Travel – Best Trip planner app to explore the World

SYGIC Travel is the perfect travel companion for wanderlust seekers, offering a comprehensive set of innovative features to help plan and make the most of every trip.

It takes the hassle out of organizing an itinerary, allowing travelers to easily discover destinations, find places to visit and explore exciting attractions while on the go.

From mapping routes and saving favorite spots, to providing up-to-date information about points of interest and personalized recommendations.

SYGIC Travel provides all the tools needed to plan an amazing journey around the world. Enjoy a stress-free traveling experience with SYGIC Travel as your guide.

14. Google maps

Google Maps is one of the best travel planner apps for any traveler. With a comprehensive maps and accurate navigation, it can help you find your way anywhere in the world. It also provides turn-by-turn directions so that you don’t get lost on the road or in a new city.

Through satellite imagery and street view, you can explore a destination before even visiting it. Most importantly, Google Maps can help you avoid traffic jams and other problems, allowing you to get to your destination faster.

Whether you’re planning your own trip, a road trip or just visiting somewhere nearby, Google Maps is an essential tool for finding your way around and staying safe when on the go.

15. Travel spend-Best budget planning app

Travel Spend is the ultimate trip-planning app. With budgeting tools and helpful visuals, it gives travelers peace of mind by helping them stay within their budgets. Users can set a budget before leaving home and log individual expenses.

It also includes the date, type of purchase, merchant, amount spent and currency used. For an accurate overview of their spending habits. Plus, Travel Spend App also includes instant notifications when certain thresholds are met.

If exceeded so travelers can make quick adjustments without going over-budget. This way it helps travelers stay withing budget.

It is no surprise Travels pend is one of the best travel planning apps for budgeting. Travel Spend is the perfect for any traveler who wants to manage their finances and trip budget on the go!

16. Via Hero- Best Travel planner apps for solo Travelers

If you’re looking for the best travel planning app to help you get the most out of your vacation, look no further than Via Hero. Via Hero connects you to expert local trip planners who will craft a personalized itinerary based on your preferences and needs.

As part of this service, they provide a guidebook with all the essential information and insider knowledge, making it easy to explore the most interesting places. For those who want more support while traveling.

They offer an additional service for only $10 per day where travelers can reach out to that local via text or phone and get helpful advice throughout their journey. This app is also great for solo travelers looking to connect with locals. Use this travel planning app for exploring new cities or just seeking a fun beach vacation. Via Hero works with any trip.


Planning a trip can be overwhelming, but thankfully there are plenty of great apps to help you. From Google Trips, a one-stop shop for all your planning needs, to TripIt, an app that helps keep everything organized.

Skyscanner searches hundreds of airlines for the best deals – there’s an app out there that fits everyone’s needs.

Find best Hotels and restaurants near you with Trip advisor or comparing prices on flights and hotels easily with Kayak.

Use Hopper is a deal finder that notifies you when it’s the best time to make flight bookings – these trip planner apps provide the tools needed to plan a successful trip! So which is your favorite?

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What is the best trip itinerary planner?

Top travel plans apps for for 2023. Hopper flights & hotel bookings. Tripit: Travel Planners. Sygic maps travel planners. Packaging. Skyscanners. Road trips: Travel planning tool. Location Finder website. b.

Is Wanderlog or TripIt better?

Trips to the pros can be incredibly costly. Travel Planner software offers many more free features than ever. So paying 49 for the tripit pro service is expensive. The free version isn’t too bad. Wandering provides a number of advantages free of charge, such as itinerary design and activities suggestions.

Is there an app that will plan a trip for you?

Unlike other travel apps, TripIt organizes travel plans for you regardless of what you booked. Send the confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com. In minutes TripIt creates a detailed itinerary for each of the trips. I travel 100 times a year, and TripIt is my favorite application.

Which map tool is best for trip planning?

Google Maps – Best in easy to navigate directions. The biggest route plan application is Google Maps. Almost anyone can use this program to travel to another city, but they haven’t even discovered it has the ability to plan routes for several stops.

Is Wanderlog worth it?

Wander Log is a travel planner’s favorite application. From solo travelers to groups and from well planned to those that just want to have one place to find out and offer activities. Wander log also offers an excellent interface that can be easily adapted for all your travel needs!

How do I plan a trip with friends app?

Wanderlog is the app that helps travelers plan trips on the fly or by plane, organized access flights and hotel reservations and show them the places to explore. Share a travel guide with others for inspiration before you leave.

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