11  best Black-owned  Beauty Brands To Look Out For

Best black-owned cosmetic brands to support

by grace ashi
black-owned beauty brands

Looking for black-owned beauty brands to support? We’ve got you covered. With the country progressing, many allies like yourself are  making a difference by supporting. Here is a list of the top black owned make-up beauty  brands to support this year.

Best Black-owned  Beauty Brands to support

  1. Fenty Beauty Starting off the list with one of the biggest black owned beauty brands  is the famous Fenty. Rihanna pushes the envelope in makeup by delivering top quality products covering all skin tones and complexions. From light to dark shades, every woman is bound to find a match of foundation for her skin tone.  Fenty Beauty’s  appreciation for all skin tones is evident in her collection. Fenty has foundations in more than 40 shades, concealers, highlighters, eyeshadows and lipsticks.
  2. The Lip Bar –  The Lip bar founder; Melissa Butler is all about bringing vegan and cruelty-free products. She starts by cooking chemical-free formulas in her home for her makeup collection. Her products are extremely high quality and come in shades for various skin tones. They are worth every penny!
  3. Base Butter. Base Butter was founded by She’Neil Johnson. She dreamt of creating a product for women of color that is pure, hassle-free, and healthy for the skin. The brand initially started with lipsticks before branching out to create products that repaired the skin.
  4. Aba Love Apothecary offers clean and green products that are free from petroleum, parabens, and preservatives, and are nothing but good for the skin. Potent botanical extracts that produce remarkable results for the skin, Aba Love Apothecary believes in plant-based medicine as a way to nourish the skin. 
  5. TPH by Taraji is created by the charismatic actress Taraji P. Henson for women looking for effortless and effective solutions to treat our hair, and the formula works for all hair types – straight, wavy, curly, braids, or even for wigs – that are all-inclusive. Notable products include the Master Cleanse, that deeply cleanse the scalp with witch hazel, tea tree, and eucalyptus oil is an innovative tri-touch applicator. 
  6. Ashi Cosmetics: Founded by Grace Ashi, this lash cosmetic brand offers high quality magnetic lashes and Magnetic  eyeliner. Say goodbye to  toxic glue! You can wear Ashi cosmetics Lashes with no glue and they’re  easy to take off. Ashi cosmetics is one of the few black owned magnetic lash businesses out there.
  7. Epi.Logic combines both science and beauty in one brand, thanks to the philosophy created by the founder Dr. Jeanniton. Indeed, Epi.Logic is all about finding what works for all skin tones, using high-quality ingredients, and effective formulas that work every single time. Although the brand is more on the expensive side, users are saying their products are worthwhile and serve as an investment if you’re serious about the state of your skin. 
  8. Pat McGrath Labs is another brand that needs no intro from us. With high-quality makeup products done in a professional setting, Pat McGrath – also known as the “Mother of Makeup” – creates iconic makeup products backed by lengthy and rich experience in the industry. 
  9. Hyper Skin founder Desiree Verdejo opens a Sephora-like store known as Vivrant Beauty, using her wealth of knowledge in beauty and in turn, creates a beauty line that targets skin issues and concerns effectively, with star product Hyper Clear Brightening Clearing Vitamin C Serum, a potent 15-percent vitamin C formula that works to reduce the dark spots prevents future ones from happening. 
  10. Black Girl Sunscreen is the solution for women of color as most sunscreen that we see in the market leaves a whitish cast behind that’s so unsightly and unappealing, it makes applying makeup looks ghastly white. And guess what? Black Girl Sunscreen is having none of that. 
  11. Mented Cosmetics started with a simple question: “why is it hard to find a nude lipstick for their rich, dark skin tones?” The rest is herstory. Mented Cosmetics was founded by KJ Miller and Amanda E. Johnson took the problem into their own hand in creating nude-based colors that fit well with a deeper brown skin tone, since then the brand has expanded to more product offerings ranging from foundation, blushes, eye shadow, and nail polish. 

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