10 Black owned clothing brands to support in 2022

by grace ashi
woman wearing beige dress shirt and brown miniskirt

Black owned clothing brands

Black owned clothing brands and businesses are on the rise. Given the social injustices, the country has come in unity to show some support. Many allies want to help and have inquired how to support the black community. I have curated a list of some exceptional brands worth checking out. The designers listed here are all about innovation and influence, adding elements from the Black culture into what we have seen today, and right now they’re unstoppable. These are the black fashion designers, bringing a breath of fresh air into fashion, and looking effortlessly stylish while at it. 


Founder Anifa Mvuemba created the brand especially for women that wanted to go bold in a fashion that shows off their best feature with style. Known for its versatility from casual looks to avant-garde, Hanifa offers clothing pieces cater to all sizes, curves, and silhouette with pleats, lace, ruffles, and puffy sleeves that showcase their feminine side. 

House of Aama

Founded by duo Rebecca Henry and Akua Shabaka, the mother-daughter partnership creates a brand that comes from a different era, before making an appearance in our timeline, with 50s-based styles workable into silhouette and trend today. Using vintage, African-based fabrics, the pair created various capsule collections that are rich in color and texture. 

A. Sauvage

Created by London native fashion designer Adrien Victor Sauvage (before moving to LA, encouraged by none other than Robert Downey Jr. Himself), A. Sauvage takes a minimalist approach in their bespoke suits that shows fashion and sophistication in one outfit. The whole concept is all about less is more for a timeless, classic piece, since 2010. A.Sauvage establishes himself as a ‘revolutionair’ in fashion, being unforgiving and not limited to the mainstream approach in fashion, and this draws a readily growing customer base, ranging clients from celebs and social circles. 

Pyer Moss

Fashion designer Kerby Jean-Raymond creates Pyer Moss and describes it as a social experiment to give a Black person a voice and platform to showcase their ideas to the community, with his inclusive, eye-catching fashion shows and projects. The brand is well-known for being jack-of-all-trades – covering bridal segment, workwear, and streetwear with bold lines and chic vibes. 

Fear of God

Don’t let the name put the fear in you, as Jerry Lorenzo is all about collection pieces catering for high-end streetwear looks using high-quality materials and premium fabrics, so good that it earned a spot with Kanye West and a collab with Ermenegildo Zegna. The LA-based brand takes a minimalist approach and combines with iconic elements from both streetwear and workwear, with luxury. 


This black owned brand was  founded by Clemens in Queens offers a ready-to-wear collection that earned a cult favorite from artists and residents from Upper East Side. A designer that’s set to redesign a classic approach in fashion, Telfar finds fashion is for everybody from all walks of life, challenging the dynamics and limitations. The brand is quite affordable, and this echoes what Telfar is all about, a fashion that’s made for everyone, and it looks like there’s nothing that can stop the brand from making it big. Iconic Telfar Shopping Bag, 


By now we know who Virgil Abloh is. One of his massively successful label Off-White,. the brand offers a graphics-based collection with military, workwear, and tailored cutting that combines both streetwear vibes with luxury in one look. 


Nigerian-native fashion designer Niyi Okuboyejo shows us what art and traditional practices are all about. Post-Imperial offers sophisticated and sleek tailored pieces using traditional printing methods from the Southwestern region of Nigeria and bringing colors into a minimalist collection for a breath of fresh air. 

Public School NYC

Founded by duo Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne, the brand started it’s humble beginnings in 2008 using a brilliant idea of making new clothing pieces from old ones – a major issue with the fast-paced fashion industry. The brand covers from menswear to womenswear that embraces the motto “to find perfection in imperfection”.

Laquan Smith

New York-based fashion brand Laquan Smith is all about being unapologetic and that shows well in his designs, with sexy and stylish body-hugging designs that accentuate and flatter the curve. LaQuan Smith is one brilliant design that has been making and creating fashion since the teenage years and despite no formal fashion-based education, this doesn’t stop the prodigy to create clothing pieces for celebrities, fashion industry, and soon to a wider customer base with collaboration with Asos. 

There you have it! Check out these black owned brands and share with friends and family. Your support goes a long way. We can all make a change one way or another in the world by showing support. Thank you for showing your support.

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