chiffon pleated maxi skirt outfit & kate spade bag

by grace ashi
pleated maxi skirt

Chiffon Maxi skirt outfit and pink kate spade bag

Some of you might have heard of the tragic news regarding kate Spade’s tragic death. Anyone going through rough times and contemplating suicide do not give up. Open up to your loves ones or call the suicide hotline. Suicide prevention starts with recognizing the warning signs and taking them seriously. If you think a friend or family member is considering suicide, you might be afraid to talk to them openly about it. You might help save a life. Creating a blog post about Kate Spade is bittersweet.  She was a driving force behind the Kate Spade successful brand and one of the most innovative  women in the fashion industry. As a tribute and remembrance to kate spade I decided to do a post featuring one of her signature accessories; the bight and colorful solid pink clutch. 007A0124007A0128

This purse is a great contrast on any light or bold solid color.  Because kate Spade’s aesthetic revolved around bright and bold colors, I created this look with other bright feminine pieces.  Paired with this look is the chiffon pleated skirt swooped up from amazon for a mere $15.

Paired with this skirt is this incredibly beautiful fusha lace shift top! It could be worn to work with a neutral dress pant or pencil skirt but for a playful day look I wore this light blue pleated skirt. To add a spark a glam I added this crystal bib necklace from Charlotte Russe.  My choice of shoes  for this outfit are these fab crushed velvet pumps. They make a great combination over the fusha top.  I sealed my look with a Steve Maden watch and a few rings from my jewel box. I have attached the outfit items below or similar for sold out items.


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