Fashion trends 2023 : 9 style trends for Spring & Summer

by grace ashi
fashion trends 2023

Top Spring & summer Fashion Trends 2023

What are the fashion trends for spring and summer 2023? While we’re busy wrapping ourselves up in layers of scarves and chunky knits this winter, many of us dream of warmer weather and sunny days. For those eager to reach into the summer wardrobe again, it’s comforting to know that the warmer weather isn’t too far away. There’s no such thing as being too early to get your summer clothes sorted, and your future self will thank you for avoiding those “I have nothing to wear” days. Read on to find out the top fashion trend predictions for spring and summer 2023.

Maximum Mesh

While this season’s trends have featured a lot of layering and oversized fits, get ready to show some skin next summer as mesh makes its way through the fashion industry and becomes a big feature in the season’s trends, especially for going out. We’re talking full mesh maxi dresses on date night, as the bodycon silhouette goes hand in hand with this mesh takeover. If you don’t dare to go for full mesh, layer some dainty pieces underneath, like bralettes and shorties. Another way to wear this trend is with the subtle all-mesh long-sleeve top that’s versatile and easy to wear.

Shiny Accents

Leather has become one of the industry’s favorite textiles to work with recently, and we’re not quite ready to let go of our affiliation with it yet (thankfully, because our wardrobes are full of leather accents). However, we’re seeing a bigger presence of patent leather from next season’s runways, with shiny surfaces all over. Shiny patent leather isn’t the only sparkle we’re seeing either – plenty of sparkles and sequins are making their way through fashion too. One of our top picks from this trend has to be an all-sequin bodycon dress.

Corset Silhouettes

One of the top fashion trends this year in the fashion industry (as well as social media’s favorite – just check out TikTok for all the corset inspiration you need) is the corset, and designers have loved playing around with the waist silhouette as a statement feature this year. On the runway, we’ve seen bold statement pieces with a heavy emphasis on the corseted silhouette, whilst ready-to-wear collections from brands all over have released their own more understated corset designs. If you’ve enjoyed the trend while it’s been around this season already, keep your corsets ready for next summer because they’re back.

Spring Florals Fashion Trend

Another popular fashion trend 2023 are florals. Florals for the spring season aren’t exactly ground-breaking, and we tend to see them feature to some extent every year. However, they’re even bigger this spring, so it’s time to get out all the floral pieces you can find. From maxi dresses (which we’ll take a look at later, too) to floral patterned shirts, fill your wardrobe with some of the most vibrant, colorful, and mood-boosting designs out there.

The Ultra Mini

Mini skirts have been around a lot this season, and they’re a pretty standard trend when the Y2K look is taking over everywhere. A lot of Y2K fashion is centered around the mini skirt, and Y2K is another style we’ll continue seeing lots of next season. With this, get ready to see ultra-mini skirts all over the place. There are plenty of ways to style the ultra mini, and it doesn’t just have to be a show of skin if you don’t feel comfortable – you can always use them to layer or even stick with a longer style if that suits you better.

Preppy Y2K

Speaking of Y2K, yes, you heard that right: we’re going to be seeing even more of the preppy styles within Y2K fashion next year. Along with the ultra mini, as we’ve just seen, expect to see plaid fabrics and more of the schoolgirl look reappear in fashion magazines next season.

Tailoring Returns

It’s not just the preppy schoolgirl look we’re seeing for spring and summer 2023, with bold tailoring falling on the opposite end of the spectrum, giving your outfits a sense of purpose and sophistication. Structured shoulder pads, smartly tailored trousers, and sleek, chic shirts and blouses will stick around another season. Chic business casual style. One of our favorite outfits within this style is the matching blazer and skirt or tailored trousers, along with a sleek white tee, crop top, or even bralette. Check out Matilda Djerf’s style if you need more inspiration.

Easy on the Eye

A softer, more relaxed contrast to next season’s trends is the continuation of neutral tones, which bring out a subtle sense of luxury. One of the industry’s biggest designers for this style is Ralph Lauren, whose timeless, classy pieces have a soft sense of sophistication. Layering neutral tones with whites, creams, and a contrasting soft blue hue create an elegant, expensive-looking outfit that can be worn for so many occasions. Don’t forget minimalist gold jewelry such as huggie earrings to accessorize this look. Read how to look expensive to learn more about this style.

Maxi Dresses fashion Trend

The final trend we’re looking forward to seeing all over the place next summer is the maxi dress. Mini dresses are a cute, romantic look for the summer months, but maxi dresses are always a more stylish, slightly more elevated alternative, and we can’t get enough of them. Not to mention, maxi dresses are a more modest option which is great for those who aren’t so comfortable with having so much skin on display.

Final thought on the Fashion Trends 2023

Now that you know what to expect to see trending next summer, you can already start preparing your wardrobe for holidays and dinner dates. Remember, you don’t always need to exclusively follow this year’s high fashion trends, and you can always pair some of your trendier pieces with classic, more basic outfits. Wear what makes you feel empowered, and remember that you look good .

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