10 salon quality Gel Nail Dryers and lamps on amazon

by grace ashi
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Gel nail dryers could now be used in the comfort of your home. Thanks to technology, getting salon ready gel manicures is now easy and affordable. Coming in with plenty of features, shapes, and sizes; you’re guaranteed to find something for everyone. I have compiled a list of the top highest rated nail dryers you can use at home.

What is a gel nail dryers and lamp?

A gel nail lamp is a device that’s used to cure and set gel nail polish so they become hardened and solid on the nail bed. Say goodbye to sticky nail standard nail polish that takes ages to dry.  With a gel nail lamp, you only need to apply a couple of layers and wait for a minute or two to let it set. Gel nail polish requires UV light (that’s different from natural light, wavelength-wise) to set, activating the chemicals in the polish that will last for a long time. Resistance to chip and this means fewer trips to the salon for touch-ups! Read our best Acrylic nail kits for beginners

  Best Gel Nail Dryer and nail lamps

MelodySusie Portable LED Nail Lamp is one of the top-rated and certainly a fave among the fans. The LED light in the machine offers nail curing faster, with a lower heat setting compared to other brands. Push one button at the gel nail dryer to cure the polish in 60 seconds and you’re done! https://rstyle.me/+CAT7Z65yNHpB7SPSFWojsw

Gellen Home Nail Gel Starter Kit gets into the list that is perfect for the beginners out there trying out gel nail polish for the first time (and rest assured you’ll get hooked to it). the kit comes with a LED nail lamp, a selection of polishes, nail art materials, and tools needed for your manicure session. https://rstyle.me/+KrNpktKHeLP1dW938WDruw

DIOZO Portable Nail Dryer small but certainly big enough to fit most hand sizes, curing the nail polish in minutes! It comes with automatic sensors that sense when your hand is inserted or taken out from the machine, and four timer settings with light beads to show the progress. Overall, we think Tememdy is a solid choice. https://rstyle.me/+K47Ib1X0FnlPGHr_CPJT0A

MiroPure 36W UV LED Nail Lamp is one heavy-duty machine with double LEDE lamps that will cover a wide range of light spectrum to cover most types of gel nail polish. The professional-grade nail lamp is your choice if you’re looking for a high-end, precise finish every single time.  https://rstyle.me/+hOY70141b4jYYU07BBmmyg

Gustala professional nail lamp is the kind that professional manicurists love in a gel nail lamp, and we think you should too. The device is small enough and yet sturdy that will last for a long time. Definitely, a go-to gel nail lamp that you can rely on daily manicure routine. https://rstyle.me/+bho5w-vnwi0JYOy2lIJiDw

MelodySusie 12W LED Nail Dryer is another MelodySusie nail lamp (and consider it as the bigger version from the Portable model) that works for both home and professional setting, with 60 LED lamp bulbs that will shorten the curing time of the polish and precise time controls, covering a wide range of gel nail polishes https://rstyle.me/+k5lEdB37qwJ6tN1prCAfDw

U Nail Dryer UV Lamp is one solid machine that you can rely on to do your manicure in the comfort of your home. Fast curing time with four powerful UV lamps that will ensure precise and effective results every single time. The only downside is the two different timer settings on the longer side (120s and 180s) compared to other devices that come with as little as 30s. in a way, we say that USpicy is made for nail art that needed multiple layers of nail polish coats or fancy arts that needed longer curing time. https://rstyle.me/+n6xK4kw0qnuhyQ_lC3TNdA

Sunuv 24W LED UV Light Nail Gel Dryer’s small size would certainly fool us but the device is powerful enough and suitable for both home and salon use, with the light bulbs can last up to 500,000 hours that you don’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon. Precise timer controls and wide openings ensure you can cure the polish as quickly you can, a must for UV nail gel lamps. https://rstyle.me/+SeTIG9vMRgoyPvpLpmpBXQ

Azure Beauty Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit is another nail polish kit that deserves a mention – and comes with 80-plus pieces in one single kit!. the device covers all light wavelengths and four different times setting for total control to cure your gel nail polish perfectly, every single time. https://rstyle.me/+H3_4KNK5tUCFIIJhRr8M_A

Jewhiteny Nail Dryer is perfect if you’re looking for a machine with effective results. The curing power works well with almost all gel nail polish with numerous timer settings to suit. The portable size also makes it handy for you tote around the device and store in a large bag, so you won’t miss a manicure especially when emergencies! https://rstyle.me/+vENQv9y1Pq3mxrUs0UZB4Q

Thanks for making it to the end of the article. Will you trying out a home gel manicure? Comment below and tell me which one is your favorite!

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