Georgetown DC Travel Guide: things to do, dining, & shopping 2024

by grace ashi

Are you interested in visiting the stunning Georgetown DC? Georgetown is one of the most vibrant historic areas in Washington, D.C. It perfectly blends history, culture, and excellent, diverse cuisine. With cobblestone streets, impressive homes, and waterfront views, this stunning district provides a gateway to explore. Enjoy Ancient architecture, shop at the trendy boutiques on M Street, and grab delicious dinners near the Georgetown waterfront Restaurants. As someone who knows Georgetown inside out, I can attest that the Waterfront is a true highlight of the area. It’s home to some of the best restaurants in the city, offering stunning waterfront views. If you plan a trip to Washington, DC, create time for Georgetown’s charming and historic neighborhood. Read on for the ultimate guide to making the most of your visit to this captivating corner of the capital.

Overview of Georgetown, DC

  • Explore the historic charm of Georgetown, DC, with its cobblestone streets and grand homes.
  • Shop ‘til you drop at Wisconsin Avenue’s upscale boutiques, M Street strip, or visit galleries in Book Hill.
  • Enjoy a variety of delicious dining experiences plus cultural activities like jazz clubs & iconic landmarks!

Discovering Georgetown’s Historic Charm

Historic cobblestone streets of Georgetown with waterfront view

When you step into Georgetown, you’re stepping into a slice of American history. Prospect Street has charming cobblestone streets and picturesque waterfront views. As you wander through, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back in time. But Georgetown is more than just a pretty face. It’s also a place where history comes alive, where every street corner has a story to tell.

Stroll Through Time on Wisconsin Avenue

Visiting Wisconsin Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue is a must to learn about Georgetown’s history. It has stunning architecture. Explore 1335 Wisconsin Ave and the Forrest Hall at 1258 with its Greek Revival style, Newton D. Baker House, and Taft Mansion.

If you’re looking for ways to relax while exploring this historic area, don’t miss out on peaceful retreat spots around town: the Franciscan monastery garden, Brookside Gardens, and Bishop’s Garden by the National Cathedral. Or explore the US Botanic Garden grounds taken care of by none other than National Park Service staff members. These beautiful gardens will offer some respite from the city buzz when desired!

Let’s take a whimsical walk down memory lane on the iconic Wisconsin Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue in Georgetown. It’s like stepping into a time machine, where every corner whispers tales from yesteryears. These grand homes aren’t just buildings; they’re storytellers, each with a fascinating narrative that will enchant history buffs and casual visitors alike. So, grab your comfy shoes and uncover the charming secrets of Georgetown’s celebrated streets together!

The Legacy of Georgetown University

Georgetown is more than just a snapshot of history with its quaint cobblestone pathways. It’s also home to the revered Georgetown University, a hub of learning and innovation. This university, founded in 1789, is one of the oldest pillars of higher education in the United States.

Imagine walking through the campus where the magnificent Healy Hall greets you. This architectural gem, designed in the Gothic Revival style, isn’t merely a structure—it’s a symbol of the university’s long-standing heritage and dedication to academic excellence. It’s a place that has shaped brilliant minds for centuries and continues to inspire students today.

Waterfront Wonders: Georgetown Waterfront Park

Scenic view of Georgetown Waterfront Park and Potomac River

The Georgetown Waterfront Park, a ten-acre expanse in the federal city of Washington, is undoubtedly unique. Visitors can have fun here all year and soak up incredible views of Roosevelt Island with its bridges. The Kennedy Center, Watergate Building & Teddy Roosevelt Island while they take a refreshing walk or share a family picnic. On top of that great experience, you can watch stunning sunsets over the Potomac River from this beautiful spot.

Do not forget to visit the nearby Washington Harbor Fountain, too! In summer, it’s illuminated by musical light spectacles, while during winter, ice skaters flock to enjoy some open-air recreation on what turns into an outdoor rink at those times!

Where to shop in Georgetown

Charming shops and boutiques on M Street in Georgetown

Oh Georgetown, you shopping haven, you! You’ll find a little of everything right in the heart of the Georgetown Business Improvement District. Designer boutiques for the fashion-forward crowd, quirky antique shops for the treasure seekers, and many art galleries showcasing local talent that’ll make your home look like a million bucks. And the best part? It doesn’t matter if your wallet’s thick or thin—there’s something for everyone. You’re guaranteed to leave with a find that makes you grin from ear to ear.

Cady’s Alley Design District

Georgetown is home to the trendy Design District of Cady’s Alley, an ideal shopping spot for any fashionista. This luxurious area contains stores such as West Elm, Flor, and CB2, magnets for shoppers with expensive tastes. Plus, there are additional home design shops like BB Italia and Poliform.

Cady’s. Alley has become one of Georgetown’s most favored destinations, offering unique boutiques and upscale housewares that could be used to style a dream residence!

Book Hill: Independent Boutiques and Galleries

Those looking for an offbeat shopping experience should visit Washington’s District Book Hill. This charming neighborhood is home to many small boutiques and art galleries. Shoppers can find one-of-a-kind items unlike anything in mainstream retail stores. The district’s popular shops include Style Etoille, Ginger, Nina McLemore, and Saks Jandel. Julia Farr LLC Boutique also offers a range of clothing accessories to homeware antiques. Book Hill also boasts some exclusive galleries. Addison/Ripley Fine Art, Susan Calloway Fine Arts, Washington Printmakers Gallery, and Zenith Gallery feature traditional and contemporary pieces by local or international artists.

M Street Must-Visits

M Street in Georgetown, DC, is an ideal destination for shoppers. The street offers a variety of options to suit any budget. From high-end fashion to unique souvenirs, there is plenty to explore. Notable spots include Alice + Olivia, Bluemercury, and LiLi the First. Specialty stores such as Georgetown Tobacco Co., Olive Oil Co., Lantern Bookshop, and Tugooh Toys make it an essential stop on anyone’s shopping tour. Whether you’re interested in the chic offerings of Ella Rue or the minimalist elegance of Glossier, M Street caters to all preferences. Don’t miss out on HOBO Bags or Naadam for high-quality accessories and apparel. M Street has something for everyone, so include it in your Georgetown itinerary.

Where to eat and drink in Georgetown

Georgetown is a foodie’s paradise, blending historic charm with modern culinary innovation. You can step back at centuries-old taverns or enjoy the fresh air at chic waterfront spots. The district is a mosaic of tastes, offering everything from classic comfort foods to cutting-edge cuisine. Picture yourself savoring a craft cocktail while overlooking the Potomac or tucking into a gourmet burger in the snug ambiance of an age-old pub. Read our best Georgetown Restaurants guide for the best places to eat. Fancy brunch? Also, read out the Georgetown Brunch guide.

Indulge at Martin’s Tavern and More

Historic ambiance of Martin's Tavern, a culinary landmark in Georgetown

For anyone wanting to experience the past of Georgetown’s food culture, visiting Martin’s Tavern is an absolute must. It has been around since 1933 and was a favorite spot for Thomas Jefferson. Many politicians throughout history have frequented it, most notably JFK, proposing to Jackie there.

The variety they offer on their menu features all kinds of comforting dishes, such as classics like steak or seafood, alongside Irish staples, including corned beef & cabbage plus oyster stew.

Sweet Treats: Georgetown Cupcakes and Artisan Eateries

In Georgetown, those with a sweet tooth can easily be satisfied. The city offers an assortment of dessert shops. A local favorite on M St NW is Georgetown Cupcakes. They have earned notoriety for their inventive flavors, such as Lava Fudge. This shop opened in 2008, coinciding with Valentine’s Day. It has since become increasingly popular. This is partly due to its starring role in the 2010 TLC television show “DC Cupcakes.”

Waterfront Dining Along K Street

Located near Key Bridge, K Street offers many riverside eateries. Your taste buds will be tantalized as you take in the views of the Potomac River. The selection ranges from seafood spots to vegetarian venues. Sequoia, Tony & Joe’s Seafood, Farmers Fishers Bakers, Bangkok Joe’s, Fiola Mare, Chez Billy Sud, Reverie, and Bandoola Bowl are perfect for enjoying fantastic panoramas while you dine!

Cultural and Recreational Activities

Georgetown offers a wide variety of cultural and recreational activities for everyone. Historic jazz clubs to art museums. From water sports to more unique forms of entertainment.

Artistic Expressions at Dumbarton Oaks

Visitors who appreciate art will have a great time if they choose to go to Dumbarton Oaks. This museum houses an impressive selection of pre-Columbian and Byzantine pieces, allowing people to discover different cultures. Another exciting experience this gallery provides is its Renaissance-inspired music room, which harmonizes sound and visual elements.

Blues Alley: Jazz Up Your Night

Blues Alley, located in Georgetown and established over fifty years ago, is an iconic jazz supper club. It is the longest-running venue in America – with well-known musicians such as Dr John, Miles Davis, and Wynton Marsalis performing here for decades. A visit to this historic site should be at the top of any music lover’s list for a night out!

Recreation on the Water

Suppose an active lifestyle is something you desire. In that case, Georgetown offers plenty of water-based activities, from renting a kayak or paddleboard to taking a boat tour along the Potomac River for some incredible city views.

Georgetown’s Iconic Landmarks

Exploring Georgetown’s iconic historical sites is an essential part of any tour. These crucial landmarks give visitors a peek into the city’s heritage, providing valuable insight into its culture and past. Now, look at some famous attractions that make up Georgetown’s history!

Haunting History: The Exorcist Steps

Eerie atmosphere of the Exorcist Steps in Georgetown

The Exorcist Steps, made well-known by the 1973 horror movie classic, are a must for any film enthusiast. Located in Georgetown and embodying cinema history, this famous set of stairs was where the grand finale scene from The Exorcist took place, making it an iconic landmark to visit.

Step Inside the Old Stone House

The Old Stone House, located in Washington, D.C., is a notable landmark. It is the oldest building in the city on its original foundation. History lovers will find it an ideal place to explore. The Washington Post recommends not missing this site when sightseeing through Georgetown’s past. Today, it functions as an educational museum. It exhibits local historical artifacts from the period. Touring this house gives guests insights into colonial life in our nation’s capital.

Tudor Place: A Glimpse into Antebellum Life

If you’re a fan of history and beautiful architecture, you can’t miss Tudor Place. This elegant Neoclassical mansion was once the home of Martha Washington’s granddaughter and is filled with fascinating artifacts. Visit the enchanting garden, especially in the spring when the flowers bloom. It is excellent for learning about the historic district of Georgetown.

Planning Your Trip to Georgetown.

Best Ways to Get Around Georgetown DC

Exploring Georgetown is a breeze. Hop aboard the metro, take a trolley tour, or hop on/off the bus to get around and explore this area. For those looking for something different, rent a bike or join one of the numerous walking tours available! It’s an enjoyable way to experience all that this neighborhood offers.

Where to Stay: Luxurious Hotels and Cozy Inns

Many choices are available if you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Georgetown, Washington D.C. From luxurious hotels like Rosewood Washington, D.C. Georgetown, and The Melrose Georgetown to more intimate inns with something suitable regardless of your budget!

The best time to Visit Georgetown Through the Seasons

Visiting the Georgetown neighborhood is the perfect experience year-round. Each season is filled with its charm. Springtime in this charming area brings blooming cherry blossoms. Summer offers outdoor concerts and festivals. Fall features vibrant foliage and pumpkin patches, providing festive photo opportunities for visitors worldwide. Winter illuminates the streets with beautiful lights and hosts holiday markets that can’t be missed.


Georgetown is a historic and fun neighborhood with its quaint charm, lively shopping spots, diverse dining choices, cultural attractions, and recreational activities. There’s something for everyone here – whether you’re an admirer of the past or someone looking to have some adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the historic sites to visit in Georgetown?

Explore the rich history of Georgetown with a visit to Wisconsin Avenue, Old Stone House, Tudor Place, and Georgetown University, or relax by the waterfront at Washington’s oldest park, The Exorcist Steps and Waterfront Park.

What are some shopping districts in Georgetown?

Those looking for a unique shopping experience should explore Georgetown, which contains the Cady’s Alley Design District, and streets such as Book Hill and M Street. These areas offer visitors an array of retail stores.

What are some dining options in Georgetown?

In the Georgetown area, there are a variety of restaurants ranging from Martin’s Tavern to waterfront spots on K Street. One can also find famous treats at the popular Georgetown Cupcakes bakery.

What are some cultural and recreational activities to do in Georgetown?

If you’re planning a day out in the Georgetown area, why not start with visiting the Dumbarton Oaks Museum, followed by an evening of dinner and live music at Blues Alley Jazz Club? If you feel like getting active for fun on the Potomac River, there are plenty of water sports to participate in!

What is the best time to visit Georgetown?

When choosing when to visit Georgetown, it comes down to personal preference. Springtime pr

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