How To Look Expensive on budget: 21 simple tips

by grace ashi

How to Look Expensive on a Budget: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re looking for a guide on how to look expensive, you’ve come to the right place. Like Coco Chanel said, a girl should be two things, classy and fabulous. Everyone wants to look and feel luxurious.   Not everyone has the bank account to support it. However, looking rich doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

With the right mindset, knowledge, and tips, anyone can attain a chic appearance without breaking the bank. In this blog post, we will explore tried and tested strategies on how to look rich on a budget. Whether you’re an aspiring fashionista or simply want to make a good impression. This guide will equip you with the tools and confidence to achieve a millionaire look on a modest budget. Get ready to turn heads and make a statement! After learning these tips, you can slowly start to expand your personal own style to include trendier pieces and still be successful. The key to achieving any look is always in the styling. Follow these tips to learn how to look expensive.

How to look Look expensive 21 tips!

 1. Monochrome Outfits look expensive

The easiest way on how to to look expensive is to keep everything in the same color. For example, black creates an instant classic look. This is the best way to make any outfit look expensive on a budget. You’ll see celebrities like the Jenner and Hadid sisters stepping out in all-black in a regular basis. When the colors of classic pieces in your outfit are in the same color tone, it looks like you’ve spent a little extra time putting your entire look together. Your pieces and outfits don’t have to be in the exact same style or shade but try to keep it within one color family. When in doubt, wear black.

 2. Know your Color Palette

One of the biggest mistakes that women make is when they don’t understand their color palette. It’s easier than you think to find out. The key is to understand if you have warm or cool undertones. If you have warm undertones to your skin, then you want to focus on shades like greens and magentas. You can add in neutral tones like beige and taupe. Warm toned ladies want to choose neutral colors avoid jewel tones. For cool skin tones, you want to focus on pastels neutral colors like pink, blue, lavender and lilac. For neutral tones, you can opt to add in white and navy. Women with cool skin tones want to avoid orange and yellow garments as they can make your skin look paler.

3. Classic  Accessories look expensive

You can make a pair of jogging bottoms or jeans look elevated if you know what accessories to add. Dainty jewelry also looks more put together than oversized and statement pieces. Accessories suitable for everyday use such as an ordinary gold necklace, croissant earrings & pearl earrings or drop hat. Pick up a few gold necklaces that you can layer over jeans and a basic t-shirt and choose simple stud earrings. Sometimes in fashion, wearing less is more. Adding a leather watch can give a scholarly feel chic sophistication to your overall outfit.
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How To Look Expensive on budget: 21 simple tips 18

4. Make Sure Your Clothes Fit

One struggle we all face is with the standard sizing charts in most fast fashion stores. You’re lucky if you ever find anything that fits you like a glove. The best investment spending money that you can make in your own fashion wardrobe is to find a local tailoring store who can take in your clothes for you. This is usually fairly inexpensive, especially for minor alterations. If you’re feeling crafty, you can even try taking in your clothes yourself. When your clothes appear tailored, they instantly look more expensive. A long coat or Tailored jacket is very classy and elegant

5. Invest In a Classic Handbag or structured bag

Your handbag is one thing that you carry with you everywhere. If you want to save your pennies and invest in one accessory, then the best choice is a handbag. Structured bags are usually a classic and expensive color and also look very flexible in color and are ideal for storing and transporting items on many occasions. It is one feature that can cost quite some money, but don’t worry! You don’t need to splash out on a Louis Vuitton or Chanel. Look for a handbag brand that makes classy, understated handbags that you know will be perfect fit for your lifestyle. There is no point spending your savings on a mini bag if you need to carry a laptop around with you every day.
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6. Pointed Toed Shoes look expensive

They might not be the most comfortable shoes to wear, but they are the most stylish. By adding a pair of black pointed-toe shoes to your existing wardrobe together, you can make a pair of jeans and a turtleneck look expensive and sophisticated. Try and find a great pair in a patent leather or with a faux crocodile effect. You can try this style out with different shoe shapes, such as ballet flats high heels and loafers.
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How To Look Expensive on budget: 21 simple tips 20

 7. Oversized Sunglasses makes you look sophisticated

Is there anything more mysterious than a woman in oversize sunglasses? Is she an undercover reporter? Maybe she’s a supermodel? Choosing sunglasses will depend on the shape of your face. If you have a round face shape, look for rectangular sunglasses like Wayfarers. The rule of thumb for buying sunglasses is to choose a shape that is the opposite of your face shape. You can search for a designer pair on sale at an outlet or pick up a few affordable pairs from Zara or Topshop.
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How To Look Expensive on budget: 21 simple tips 21

8. Invest in a Steamer

We’ve all been there. We must have either overslept or forgot to do the laundry. In a desperate bid to get out the door on time, you put on a crumbled shirt and ran out the door. If this sounds like you, then you need to buy a steamer. They’re small enough to carry with you in your work bag or to leave at the office. If your clothes are crumpled, then that’ll distract from the rest of your styling. You’ll also want to keep an eye out on t shirts for things like missing buttons and loose threads. Mend any issues as quickly as possible, otherwise you’ll likely forget about it until someone else points it out.

9. Consider Renting For Special Occasions to save money

If you have a special event coming up, consider renting an outfit instead of buying something off-the-rack. You would be amazed at the pieces that you can rent, some of which are worth hundreds of dollars. Not only will it save money, you’ll also get to wear a designer dress. Rent the Runway is a popular choice for outfit you right event now, and you can rent everything from Proenza Schouler to Reformation dresses.

10. Think About The Rest of Your Appearance

While the rest of your outfit might look expensive, it’s your hair and makeup that can make or break a look. It’s always best to go for simple trends. Make sure your hair is brushed. If it looks a little greasy, add in a dash of dry shampoo. Avoid lipstick shades that are outside of the pinks, nudes, and reds. If you think you’re having a bad hair day, throw on a headband. You can use the Duchess of Cambridge as your beauty inspiration. Her natural makeup look is easy to recreate with products that you probably already have in your makeup bag. Focus on your skincare and create a flawless base for the rest of your makeup to sit on top of. Also clean makeup and a classy manicure is important.

11. A Cheap Little Black Dress Can Look Expensive on a budget

The famous and most cherished Little Black gown is the best outfit in a women’s clothes collection. Also, a great tips simple technique tips for looking expensive at all times. What is an employment meeting? That’s okay. The little black dress and skirt will go anywhere. How to look expensive and not be overpaid: Oh that’s very simple! This universal clothing item is so sleek and stylish in its design that it resembles expensive clothing regardless all the difference of what stores you purchased it from.

10. Wear Well-Fitting Undergarments

Even when you wear underwear, you are not seeing your clothes. An unsuitable bra can easily be noticed by clothing and can make chic and classy outfits into inferior ones. Many top fashion and lingerie shops offer bras fittings in-store, with plenty of options for seamless pants. Check out our article describing the most expensive and stylish lingerie brands that are affordable clothes currently on offer today.

11. Wear Cashmere & Cashmere like fabric

Some materials have less of an appeal than cashmere but the same quality and costs are. If you can’t afford cashmere you may need to budget to spend more to buy some ultra-thin shirts, a cardigan or blanket shawl that look just like cashmere.

12. Avoid Loud Logos or Being a Brand Billboard

There may have come years during which the wear of designer items with logos and designer bags was extremely on trend. People think a brand name dress or sock branded clothing would be a way of showing their money. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Sure these pieces may be expensive, but this is not an easy way how to look expensive or wealthy. It is not how to look expensive.

13. Keep Your Bags and Shoes Clean

The idea was simple but often neglected! If we want a closet to look as chic and expensive as we want, please clean shoes and bags! Scuffed shoes or ruined handbags can ruin your look. Make sure your shoes black bags are spotless before leaving the closet door. If needed, wash it according to the style and materials you are using.

14. Match Your Shoes and Bag

Pair your shoes, chic outfit or bag colors so they can be paired with a chic or sophisticated outfit with minimal effort! Matching your shoes with your handbag is a simple yet effective way to make your outfit look expensive. This creates a cohesive and polished appearance that makes you look put-together and fashionable. To achieve this look, choose a color scheme for your outfit that includes both your shoes and handbag. Go for classic and timeless colors like black, brown, and beige. If you want to add some pop of color, you can go for bright statement hues like red, fuschia or cobalt blue. Make sure your shoe and bag have a similar finish, such as patent leather or suede, this will add to the overall sophistication of your look.

15. Keep white teeth and main good hygiene

How good your teeth are can really help you maintain your health. Never leave home without brushing in the mornings and before you sleep to keep up with the importance of daily flossing! Yes, it’s simpler to lay down on bed after a drink of red wine, but it can also cause discoloration of teeth, naturally occurring with age. Fortunately we live today in an age where quality toothpaste can now be purchased easily.

16. Timeless Classic Cuts look expensive

Timeless clothing is an easy way on how to look expensive. Lets start by wearing clothes. You don’t have to buy expensive wardrobes. Besides purchasing clothing there are other important aspects. Instead of buying expensive trends or fast fashion items, invest in classic, timeless pieces, or capsule clothing. Items that will survive the age. Think classic white shirt and navy pants or black pants. Make the capsule clothing right and get your wardrobe ready for any occasion you desire.

17. Focus on a Flattering Fit

Perhaps the best part about looking good on a budget is fitting clothes. Classy and sophisticated overall looks usually require carefully, tailored pieces, polished garments that accent your curves. When shopping, you can avoid baggy clothing or tight clothing and combine it with a tighter pair. Because fit is crucial for a successful personal style too, you should try to find pieces that suit you perfectly. Similarly to hourglass figures, you may choose the highest rise top that emphasizes your waistline.

18. Avoid Clothing that shows too Much skin

It can be difficult to tell when to reveal enough skin so that you’ll flatter your clothes. One important factor to keep in mind if you want to look expensive is to avoid wearing clothes that are too revealing. Clothing that shows too much skin such as crop tops or short skirts are considered to be more casual and tend to look less sophisticated. Instead, opt for clothes that are well-tailored and have a clean and polished look. Clothes that fit perfectly can give the impression of a refined and expensive appearance. Look for classic and timeless designs like a wrap dress, a high-neck blouse, or a pencil skirt. These clothes are typically made of high-quality materials and have a timeless elegance that will make you look and feel like a million dollars. By avoiding clothes that are too revealing and opting for clothes with a refined and polished style, you can elevate your fashion game and look expensive.

FAQ How to look expensive

What Makes You Look Expensive?

Several factors can contribute to giving the impression of an expensive look, some of these factors include color, fabric texture, clothing quality, and fit. Wearing clothes that are tailored to your body and made of high-quality materials can make you look polished, put-together, and expensive. Fabrics that look luxurious like silk, cashmere, and wool can help elevate the quality of your outfit and make you look expensive. Bold colors like black, navy, and emerald green can help you make a statement and project glamour.

How Can I Look Expensive  on a budget?

There are several ways on how to look expensive without spending too much money. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by paying attention to your accessories. Accessories like jewelry, belts, and statement shoes can transform your outfit and make it look more expensive. Wearing neutrals like black, white, and beige is another way to create an expensive look. When you choose to wear these colors, it’s important to focus on the quality of the materials and the fit of the clothing. Additionally, make sure to avoid wrinkled clothes and opt for crisp and ironed outfits instead.

How Do I Make Myself Look Rich?

To make yourself look rich, you need to be strategic with your wardrobe choices. One of the best ways to achieve this is by investing in versatile pieces that you can wear in multiple ways, this will help you maximize your wardrobe. Some examples of versatile and classy pieces that can make you look expensive include blazers, trench coats, long coats, high-quality jeans, and silk blouses. Additionally, focusing on your grooming can also help give the impression of wealth. Go the extra mile. Make sure your hair is well-groomed, nails are polished, and skin is well-moisturized.

How Can I Make My Face Look Expensive?

If you want to make your face look expensive, focus on your skincare and makeup routine. When it comes to skincare, using high-quality products that are full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals is key to enhancing your skin’s texture and radiance. Adding a hydrating serum, primers ,  sunscreen, and a facial oil to your routine can help improve your complexion and give the impression of expensive skin. When it comes to makeup products  , focus on enhancing your natural features with neutral shades and adding a pop of color like red lipstick or a bold eyeliner. Additionally, investing in quality makeup tools like makeup brushes and sponges can help you achieve a polished look like a professional.

How to look expensive in work attire

For  Work attire  there are a few things that you can do to look expensive without breaking the bank. One of the best ways to achieve this is by investing in high-quality basics.  Black blazer, white blouse, tailored pants, and pencil skirts. Classic and timeless pieces can be worn in multiple ways and can elevate the quality of any outfit. Additionally, investing in high-quality shoes like pumps or loafers can also help you look expensive. Make sure to always choose shoes with a polished finish and a comfortable fit for all-day wear. Finally, don’t forget to accessorize. Adding statement jewelry like a classy watch, a simple pearl necklace, or statement earrings to your outfit can transform ordinary outfits into sophisticated ones. By paying attention to the quality of your work attire and adding statement accessories, you can look expensive and chic while commanding attention in the workplace.


In conclusion, looking rich on a budget is all about being strategic and creative with your choices. From shopping second-hand to accessorizing with statement pieces, little changes can go a long way in elevating your appearance and projecting a millionaire image. Remember, confidence is key regardless of what you wear, so always aim to feel comfortable and empowered in your outfits. We hope that this guide has provided you with valuable insights and tips on how to look expensive on a budget. These simple tricks will help! Start implementing these ideas today, and watch as others can’t help but marvel at your stunning and expensive-looking style!

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