How to Remove acrylic nails at home safely

How to take off acrylic nails without damaging your natural nails

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how to take off acrylic nails at home fast and safely

Are you looking for how to remove acrylic nails at home? If done correctly, taking off your acrylic nails at home is a safe and convenient option. Taking off acrylic nails quickly can be complicated due to their artificial nature. Still, with the right tools, knowledge, and technique, it can be easily accomplished in the comfort of your home. Here are some tips and tricks on safely taking regular nail polish off natural nails and removing your acrylic nails yourself without costly trips to the nail salon.

How to remove acrylic nails at home

While applying acrylic nail polish can easily enhance an already lengthy look, removing it can be very cumbersome. However, removing acrylic nails is easier. We recommend a professional manicure salon, but when time and cost constrain, you have other ways to do this at home. The following article explains the easiest way to remove acrylic nails. Continue to watch! Acetone will help you remove acrylic nails fast and from any surface. The powerful liquid solvent dissolves acrylic nails, making removing them more accessible and convenient.

You can remove acetone nail polish by wrapping your fingers in tin foil, leaving your fingers in the foil, and letting your nails soak in warm water for 30 seconds. The acetone breaks down acrylics and helps remove them from the skin. Keep reading for a complete step-by-step guide on how to get fake nails off.

1. Gather the necessary tools and supplies – acetone, Nail file, cotton ball, cuticle sticks, and aluminum foil

Taking off acrylic nails can be tricky, and having suitable materials and supplies is essential. Before you start, have acetone nail polish remover, cotton balls, cuticle sticks, and aluminum foil ready. The acetone is used to dissolve acrylic nails, and the cotton ball soaked will help absorb the acetone product from the cuticle oil on your hands and provide protection from any skin sensitivity. Cuticle sticks or cuticle pushers must gently push back cuticles while removing the acrylics.

Finally, aluminum tin foil is necessary to create a barrier over acrylic-covered fingers for steaming. With these nail products and tools, you’ll have everything you need to take off your acrylic nails easily and complete your acrylic nail removal project at home!

2. Prepare your nails – clip and file away any excess acrylic

Preparing your nails for removing acrylic at home is a critical step in removing acrylic nails. Before you start, clip and file away any extra acrylic accumulated around your nail beds. This helps to avoid any potential discomfort and helps make the process of removing acrylic nails much more accessible.

For extra protection when removing acrylics, you can coat the edges of your nails with petroleum jelly or coconut oil to provide a protective layer between your nails and buffer your skin. Remove acrylics and gently remove the acrylics with the nail polish remover or lotion. Doing this will aid in keeping your hands moisturized as you pull your acrylics at home.

3. Soak your fingertips in acetone for 10-15 minutes to soften the acrylic Nail

Acrylic nails can offer the perfect pop of flair and style to your desired look, but you might occasionally need their removal. If a nail salon isn’t available now, you can take your acrylic nails off yourself from home with a few easy steps. The first step is to soak acrylic nails off your fingertips in acetone. Let you see how to take off acrylic nails and soak acetone for 10-15 minutes to soften them and take them off safely. This will help make it easier to separate the two and remove your acrylic nails safely and gently without acetone bonding to your natural nails.

Additionally, using lukewarm water for soaking is an effective way to make the acrylics more pliable, resulting in a successful removal. Soaking helps prepare your fingertips and protect your natural nails underneath. It would be best to remove acrylic nails without anything from natural nails. No harsh chemicals or nail glue from the artificial or acetone nails soaking off natural nails.

4. Scrape off the softened acrylic with a cuticle stick

After soaking your hands in acetone for 10 minutes, the softened acrylics will be ready to remove. Take the cuticle oil orange stick, nail filer stick, nail polish remover, and used cuticle oil and stick, and carefully and gently scrape them off the replacement nail tips starting from the outer edge of natural nails and toward your cuticles.

Doing this delicately will ensure minimal damage to the top layer of fake nails, cuticle oil, orange sticks, and natural nail plates. You can easily say goodbye to your fancy artificial nails with precise attention and patience!

5. Gently buff away further residue with an electric file

After removing most of the artificial nails with nail clippers and a file. An electric nail file or soft foam nail buffer should gently remove any further residue. An electric nail buffer or file will also help reduce the physical labor and time needed to remove leftover acrylic nails, leaving a smooth and clean surface.

Run the device over the natural nail bed in gentle, circular motions to leave your nails feeling soft and looking beautiful! Adjust the speed according to what is comfortable, and lock in the settings with a professional tip before starting.

how to remove acrylic nails at home
Processes nails and cuticles or removes nail polish using a manicure machine using an electric nail.

How to remove Acrylic nails without acetone

Non-Acetone Method to Remove Acrylic Nails

You can try the non-acetone method if you don’t want to use acetone. This method is less harsh on your nails but may take longer. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Gather your materials: non-acetone nail polish remover, cotton balls, aluminum foil, a nail file, and a cuticle pusher.
  2. File the top layer of your acrylic nails to remove the shiny coat.
  3. Soak a cotton ball in non-acetone nail polish remover and place it on top of your nail.
  4. Wrap the cotton ball and your nail in aluminum foil.
  5. Wait for 30-40 minutes.
  6. Remove the aluminum foil and cotton ball.
  7. Use the cuticle pusher to push the acrylics off your nail gently.

How to Remove Acrylic Nails Dental Floss Method

The dental floss method is a bit more complicated, but it’s a great option if you don’t want to use chemicals. Here are the steps to follow on how to get acrylic nails off with dental floss:

  1. Gather your materials: dental floss, a nail file, and a cuticle pusher.
  2. File the top layer of your acrylic nails to remove the shiny coat.
  3. Use the cuticle pusher to lift the edge of the acrylic material gently.
  4. Slide a piece of dental floss under the raised edge.
  5. Use a back-and-forth sawing motion to slide the dental floss back and forth under the acrylic material.
  6. Repeat these steps for each nail until all acrylic nails are removed.

After removing Acrylic nails at home

After you remove acrylic nails at home without anyone, it is essential to take the time to restore the hydration in your hands. Moisturizing and massaging can help your hands recover from the process of removal. Apply a thick hand lotion and massage it into the skin to lock in moisture. This can be done twice daily until the skin returns to its regular texture if desired. Additionally, consider using an exfoliator with natural ingredients every few days to slough off any dead or damaged skin cells on your hands for a smoother feel. Make sure you give your hands plenty of pampering post-removal so they can look and feel their best.


Taking off acrylic nails at home does not have to be tedious. You can remove this manicure with the right tools, supplies, and diligence. As with many DIY nails and tutorials, be cautious and go slowly when attempting acrylic nail removal independently. Remember to moisturize your hands post-removal and massage them for deep hydration to restore moisture lost to damaged nails from acetone soakage. And one more tip would be to revisit the nail salon for professional upkeep every couple of months – your nails will thank you for it! For tips on removing gel nail polish, read how to remove gel nails.

FAQ How to Remove Acrylic Nails

What is the best way to remove acrylic nails at home?

Soak your nails in a bowl of acetone or wrap them in acetone-soaked cotton balls for about 30 minutes. This will help loosen the acrylic nails, making it easier to remove them. After soaking acrylic nails in warm water, use a cuticle to remove fake nails from your natural nails.

How do I remove acrylic nails without damaging my natural nails?

Avoid using force or pulling fake nails off your natural nails. Instead, use a cuticle pusher to push the acrylic nails off your natural nails gently. If you feel any resistance, soak your nails in acetone for a few more minutes and try again.

Can I remove acrylic nails without acetone?

One way to do this is by using dental floss. Slide a piece of dental floss under the edge of the acrylic nail and gently work it back and forth until the nail comes off. Another way is using an electric nail file to file off the acrylics.

How do you remove acrylic nails at home fast?

The quickest way to remove acrylic nails is using an electric nail file. This method is not recommended for beginners, as it can be challenging to control the file and avoid damaging your natural nails. If you use this method, use a low speed and work slowly and carefully.

How do I remove acrylic nails using hot water?

To remove acrylic nails using hot water, fill a bowl with hot water and soak your nails for about 20 minutes. After washing, use a cuticle pusher to push the fake nails off your natural nails. This method may take longer than acetone, but it is a good alternative if you don’t have acetone.

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