How To Wear Ankle Boots With Jeans

by grace ashi
how to wear ankle boots with jeans

Ankle boots and jeans are a classic combination that can do no wrong. If you are ever struggling to decide what to wear, all you need to do is reach into your closet and take out a pair of jeans and ankle boots. The duo is one of my go-to looks and you can easily dress them up or down depending on the occasion. I think jeans and ankle boots are two things that you should investment for your wardrobe. They’re ultra-versatile and flattering for every body shape. If you’re considering giving the look a try, I’m rounding up top tips on how to wear ankle boots with jeans.

1) Tucked or Untucked

When it comes to styling your jeans with ankle boots, the main decision you have to make is whether you tuck your jeans into the ankle boots. This trend works best with skinny jeans and jeggings, as well as with ankle boots with a smaller opening. The last thing you want is for your jeans to bunch up around your ankle.

For a more elevated look, tuck your skinny years into the boots. If you want to keep things casual, leave your jeans untucked and roll up the cuffs to show off your boots. Skinny jeans are the easiest style to pair with ankle boots – and they make a perfect investment into any woman’s wardrobe.

2) Cropped Jeans

If you want to avoid the tucked vs. untucked debate, then you can opt for a pair of cropped jeans. Ideally you want them to cut off just above you’re the top of your ankle boots. You can give a little flash of skin and let both your jeans and boots have a moment to shine.

Depending on how cropped your jeans are, you may need to invest in a taller pair of ankle boots to help close the gap. Taller ankle boots will also elongate the appearance of your legs, making them a staple shoe choice if you’re on the shorter end.

3) Boot Leg Jeans

Styling boot leg jeans with ankle boots is the polar opposite of styling skinny jeans. Bootcut and flare jeans are naturally larger around the ankle to accommodate a pair of boots. You don’t want to tuck in your jeans, in fact, you should only see the bottom of your heels and the toes of your boots. You will want to balance out the length of your jeans with the height of your ankle boots. The heel needs to be tall enough to raise the jeans off the ground so that you don’t trip on them when walking.

4) Experiment With a Pop of Colour

Don’t be afraid to use your ankle boots as a way to add a pop of colour. Most of us stick to traditional blue and dark wash denim jeans. Your ankle boots are an opportunity to have some fun with your outfit. Experiment with different colours such as white and red. Don’t be afraid to try on a glittery ankle boot! As well as colours, you can experiment with textures to contrast with the denim jeans. Faux crocodile, leather and suede are great choices to look at when choosing a pair of ankle boots.

5) Add a Blazer

After putting your ankle boots and jeans on, you might be wondering what to add on top. The first garment you’ll probably reach for is a t-shirt or blouse. If you want to elevate your look, then a blazer is the perfect companion to a boots and jean duo. For a monochrome look, try and match your blazer colour to that of your boots. When in doubt, a black blazer is always a safe and sophisticated choice.

6) Choose a Higher Heel

When it comes to deciding which pair of ankle boots to buy, you’re always better going with a taller heel than a shorter one – especially if you don’t have your jeans on hand to try. The main priority is to make sure that you can comfortably walk in them. A higher heel on an ankle boot will elongate the appearance of your legs and show off your boots more by moving your jeans up your leg.

7) Monochrome Look

This styling trick works best with black jeans. You can style your jeans and ankle boots by keeping them in the same colour. A pair of black sock ankle boots can easily slip inside the cuff of a pair of jeans to give a seamless look. If you’re feeling daring, you can achieve a similar look with white jeans and a white ankle boots.

8) Mom Jeans and High Shaft Ankle Boots = Dream Team

Everyone loves a pair of mom jeans. They hug you in at all the right places and flatter your natural curves. If these are your go-to jeans, then you’ll want to pick up a pair of high shaft ankle boots. High shaft ankle boots tend to be thinner in width than mom jeans, making it easier to cuff up your jeans. The contrast in widths will make your legs appear thinner.

9) Comfort is Key

The idea of the jeans and ankle boot combo is to create a casual outfit that has comfort at its heart. When you find the perfect duo, you can wear them everywhere from the grocery store to date night with your partner. The most important thing is that your ankle boots needs to be comfortable. If you can’t walk in the boots, then you’ll need to look at a lower heel.

If you are someone who usually lives in flats, then I recommend starting with a block heel to get you used to the style.

10) If You’re Short, Avoid a Mid-Shaft Ankle Boot

When it comes to perfecting this look, the jeans are the easy part. If you’re on the shorter side, you want to be careful with the ankle boots that you choose. Short shaft ankle boots will likely be hidden by your jeans, while tall shaft ankle boots will naturally elongate your legs. Try and stick to the taller variant if you’re petite, as a mid-shaft ankle boot can cut off your legs and make them appear shorter than they are.

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