How to Achieve The No-Makeup Makeup Look

by grace ashi
The No-Makeup Makeup Look

The natural Make-up Look

There are constantly new makeup trends, techniques, and looks evolving and developing around us, and sometimes it can be overwhelming. Whether you’re finding it difficult to pinpoint where to start on one look or struggling to find the right color palette for another, it’s always handy to get a little help.

The no-makeup makeup look is a very popular option at the moment, and it’s a very flattering technique to use which enhances and celebrates your natural features. Still, it can be a little tricky, to begin with. Luckily, you’re in the right place to find out exactly how to achieve this look, so read on!

Natural Make-up basics

As you probably already know, the no-makeup makeup look focuses on enhancing the features and natural beauty you possess and aims to highlight the parts of your face you like the most. As the name suggests, the main idea is to use the products cleverly in a way that doesn’t look caked on or extremely unnatural, as if you’re wearing no makeup.

Often, a large emphasis throughout this makeup technique is the skin; many use it to celebrate their radiant skin sans foundation. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to flaunt perfect, model-like skin completely free from blemishes and imperfections – that’s not natural for everyone! Instead, it’s about appreciating your skin for the way it is and accepting any flaws but feeling confident in it without needing to cover up.

As the movement is all about natural looks, the few products used tend to have natural hues, too. That means you can put your neon pink eyeshadows and red lipsticks aside and bring your warmer neutral colors instead. You will need For basic make-up essentials to achieve the No-makeup makeup look,

Following a makeup tutorial is like following the recipe to bake a cake or cook your favorite meal. And just like a recipe, you’ll need to prepare your essential tools and products for use.

Natural makeup for the face

To begin, you’ll probably be relieved and grateful to hear the face isn’t a very complex or challenging element of the no-makeup makeup look. It’s most likely simpler than your routine if you apply makeup to your face as part of your daily routine.

The first step is to start with a fresh, clean face after washing and applying your daily skincare products. These will vary depending on your skin, but ensure a moisturizer riser provides essential hydration, moisture, and sunscreen to protect the face from sun damage.

Now, you can move on to priming the face, preferably using a radiant or hydrating primer to offer an additional glow. Follow this by buffing a bronzer into the cheekbones and sides of the forehead to create natural depth and dimension before adding a bright, coral-toned blush to the cheekbones and a highlight to the high points on the face.


The brows

Moving onto the brows, many people create a look that centers around them and celebrates the natural thickness and fluffiness of the brows. Whether your brows are bushy or thin, you can accentuate them in whichever way you want.

However, the current trend in makeup is fluffy brows, and the look is easy to recreate. Start by brushing your brow hair in a diagonal direction towards the outside of your face using a brush. Then, take a pencil if you’d like to fill in sparse areas by mimicking hair-like strokes as you thicken the brows.

Then, take either a brow gel or soap brow kit and use it to brush your brows up in the same direction as before. When you use the gel or soap like this, it is stronger, giving you more control, and will make the hairs stay that way all day.


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