Old navy skinny jeans review

by grace ashi

Who says you can’t rock white after labor day? Being a true fashionista is to occasionally breaking some fashion rules and in doing so look fabulous.  I found the perfect pair of white skinny jeans and could be more excited to share with you. Some of you might relate to the fear of wearing white pants or jeans because they are transparent and stain very easily.  To solve this problem old navy created an affordable line of stain repellent jeans! Talk about fashion meets practicality!  These are just about perfect. The fabric is  thick enough to cover but thin and stretchy enough to comfortably hug curves.  This is the only pair of white jeans I owned and I’m totally obsessed with it. After a year of ownership they are as white and crisp as the day I purchased it.  These jeans  are then treated with a stain-resistant wash, which causes liquids bounce right off the fabric to combat liquids like stains such as  juice coffee, juice, wine and more. 



Being that it’s spring I created this layered outfit perfect to combat the inconsistent spring transitional weather.  The key to dressing up for this weather is layering and adding versatile staples  to your wardrobe that could be  easily be worn all year round.  My complete outfit consist of Old navy white skinny jeans, Quilted vest and sweater; Anne Klein Satchel, Xhilition boots and one stranded pearl.  I also accessorized with a silk printed scarf are very easy to spotted at your local boutiques or department store. 


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